Take a look at the amazing Vodafone Connect app - the smartphone tool that provides unprecedented control over your home broadband...


A few weeks ago we launched Vodafone Broadband – our brand new, supercharged home broadband service. This isn’t just any broadband service, though; we’re doing things a bit differently. As always, we’re committed to finding new, innovative ways to make sure your tech delivers everything you want, and our home broadband is no exception.


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So, not only is Vodafone Broadband lightning-fast – hitting speeds of up to 76Mbps – it also gives you a unique and unprecedented level of control over your home internet, via the Vodafone Connect app.

That app’s a first for home broadband in the UK, so we’ve been dying to spill the beans on how it works. Today, with the help of Brian Fitzsimons, Product Manager for Vodafone UK, we can finally tell you all about it…

The future of broadband

Before we get to the meat of what the Vodafone Connect app does, Brian’s keen to explain exactly why it’s such a necessity for modern broadband:

“Over the past few years, routers have progressively been getting faster and more powerful,” he says. “And when we designed our router we included the latest Wi-Fi standards (Wi-Fi AC) to ensure our customers receive both the best speed and the best coverage. We’ve also really focused on giving customers more control over when and by whom their broadband is used, and making the whole experience really simple.

“An app was the perfect way to address that,” he continues. “No-one else has done anything like this, but we decided that was the one thing that was missing to really enhance the customer experience. We’re really passionate about doing something different here.”



But this isn’t being different for the sake of it. The Vodafone Connect app provides all sorts of extra information and functionality that you won’t get with any other home internet provider:

“The app is really intuitive,” says Brian, explaining that anyone and everyone will feel right at home controlling its unique features using the app. “As soon as you log in, the first thing you’ll see is your home network. You’ll then be able to see all the devices that are connected to it at that particular time – not just on Wi-Fi, but on USB, ethernet and everything else too. And from there, you can do lots of cool things…”

Taking control

“You can use the app to change simple settings like your network name and password easily, but you can also set up a guest network as well. That’s useful for giving guests Wi-Fi access when they come to visit without it interfering with your network, but the real beauty of this is that you can set the network to only be active between certain times.

“That’s fantastic for me – I have a young son who’s not really old enough to be responsible on the internet yet, so I use the guest network as a family network, and that way I can control his internet consumption. It’s a really versatile bit of functionality, and one that we think people will find loads and loads of use for.

“Naturally, we’ll offer internet content control at launch, too, to give customers the choice to control what is accessible on their internet connection.”

vodafone connect 2

“We also have something called a ‘Boost,’” Brian continues. “Basically, with it you can choose one device on your network and give it a boost. That will prioritise the bandwidth on your network to that device for the next two hours.

“Say for example that I wanted to download a video to my tablet, but I know that there are lots of other people using the Wi-Fi – if I ‘boost’ my tablet, it will offer a much quicker download.

“It could cause war in some households!” laughs Brian, “but it’s another great bit of unique functionality for Vodafone Broadband users to enjoy. And as all of our products offer truly unlimited usage, there’s no worries about receiving a large bill.”

If it provides a better experience, we’ll do it

One of the big frustrations with home internet is that can be hard to figure out what’s wrong when something goes awry, and even harder to get hold of someone who can help. The beauty of Vodafone Broadband is that we have a dedicated team up in Glasgow, and they’ll have complete visibility of both your fixed and mobile account.

“The important point is that with this app and its abilities we’re already changing the dynamic of the broadband market,” says Brian. “We’re looking at what people really want from their home broadband experience – customer service, reliable connection speeds, more functionality – and providing those things above all else.”


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“We just want to create the best possible customer experience,” says Brian in closing. “Vodafone Broadband is about giving our customers everything they need to enjoy the internet at home – giving them the best connectivity, to the best content, whenever they want.”

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