Say hello to Vodafone Broadband, our brand new home broadband offering that will give you smart control and super speeds at a fantastic price...

Vodafone Connect router

We’ve got something massive to tell you about. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a great value home phone and broadband bundle that’ll supercharge your browsing, streaming and gaming, as well as a great new app which will add new levels of control to the world of home connectivity.

We’re talking about Vodafone Broadband, our brand new broadband offering that boasts lightning-fast speeds of up to 76 Mbps, along with amazing discounts for our existing customers and a host of unique extras. It’s time to finally get excited about your broadband provider…

Home phone and broadband from Vodafone UK

We’re introducing home broadband and phone bundles to existing Vodafone customers, so that we can connect you to your digital world, whether you’re out and about or sitting on the sofa at home. We’ll initially be offering our broadband bundles to our existing customers in Manchester and parts of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and extending out soon after to Essex, Hertfordshire and Yorkshire. We’ll roll out to the rest of our existing customers later this year. We’ll be opening it up to everybody else in the Autumn.

Vodafone Broadband is the perfect partner to our mobile network, and it’s big news for anyone who’s already a Vodafone UK customer. It means you’ll soon be able to go about your day using your mobile to the max on our network when you’re out and about, then head home and let our broadband take over.

So what’s the deal? There are three Vodafone Broadband bundles to choose from, depending on your need for speed and budget, starting from just £5 per month. Those speeds are up to 17 Mbps, 38 Mbps and a whopping 76 Mbps, and each comes with unlimited monthly data usage. Sound good? Here’s a full introduction:



As you can see when you sign up for any of our 18 month contracts you’ll get a free, state-of-the-art Vodafone Connect router and free evening and weekend calls from your landline. Switching to us will be hassle-free – once you’ve let your current provider know, it’s one call and we’ll take care of everything. Vodafone Pay monthly Red customers will even get an extra 300 Anytime & Mobile minutes, too, but best of all, all existing Vodafone mobile customers will get £5 off their monthly Vodafone Broadband bill each month!

Controlled takeoff

Ok, so you’ve seen what we’ve got offer in terms of speed, and you know all about our great value pricing, but what else sets us apart from the pack? Control. Or more specifically: the next level of control you get with our new Vodafone Connect app.

Available for free on Android and iOS, the Vodafone Connect companion app lets you become one with your Wi-Fi, and gives you a set of Wi-Fi super powers that’ll help you really squeeze the most out of all that speed: “Boost” allows you to supercharge any device connected to your home network, giving that device priority over others; “Beam”, which uses Beamforming technology, sends a stronger Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices wherever they are in the home, even those hard to get rooms; “Family Time” allows you to easily manage and set time limits by device, giving you control over when guests or kids can access Wi-Fi and how long they can stay on; while “Guest Wi-Fi ” allows you to control Wi-Fi access to household guests with just one click. Job done!

vodafone connect 2

Put simply, Vodafone Broadband means unlimited home broadband data allowances, great prices, extras galore and connection to the our network both at home and away. What’s not to love?

When can you sign up? Vodafone Broadband is available right now for our existing mobile customers in Manchester and parts of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and extending out soon after to Essex, Hertfordshire and Yorkshire. Click here to find out more.

18-month agreement, credit check and connection charge (fibre – £30, new line provision – £60) apply. £6.99 router delivery charge. Line rental £16.99 a month. Other set-up costs may apply. Broadband and home phone service is subject to acceptance and availability in your area. Broadband speeds referred to are maximum download speeds. Speeds may vary significantly by location and are dependent on all equipment meeting minimum specifications, being fully functional and working at full speed.
Evening and weekend calls: available between 7pm to 7am weekdays, and between midnight Friday & midnight Sunday. Anytime calls: can be made during daytime, evening and weekend periods.
Inclusive calls: are to standard UK landlines (starting 01, 02, 03) only. 60 minute max duration per call; standard call charges apply after 60 minutes. You can hang up and re-dial before 60 minutes to avoid these charges.
300 minutes to mobiles: to UK mobiles only; standard mobile rates apply once 300 minute usage limit has been reached.
Switching service: Virgin customers will have to contact their provider to let them know you’re leaving
For full terms and further details see