We love the new LG G4, but what do the web's top tech reviewers think? Here's a smattering of first impressions from those in the know...


The next chapter in the award-winning LG G-series story is here. The LG G4 is official, and it brings with it a stunning Quad-HD 5.5-inch display, a thunderous hexa-core processor, a sharp 16-Megapixel camera and a gorgeous curved design with optional leather casing.

As you can tell, we’re already smitten with the G4. But what do the most discerning smartphone experts in the world think? To find out, we’ve been dissecting the biggest hands-on reviews around to bring you an overview of what the web’s tech press has to say. Should the LG G4 be your next phone? Read on to find out…

LG G4: First impressions…

“The G4 is, if you’ll pardon the cliché, an evolution rather than a revolution, but that’s not to say it isn’t exciting. LG has seriously invested in the G4’s camera, both in terms of its hardware and software, and if it delivers what its specs promise, we could have a new smartphone imaging champion on our hands.”

“LG’s tagline for the LG G4 is “See the great, feel the great,” and it certainly lives up to that motto by making a well-designed leather-backed smartphone. It stands out and, more importantly, and stayed in my hand…”See the great, feel the great” can also apply to just about everything else regarding this phone. It’s colour-accurate quantum display shows subjects in the right colour without extreme saturation and the camera, with its 1.8 aperture lens, promises to take better photos in a short amount of time.

“On top of all of this, LG’s software doesn’t get in the way, opting to use Google’s finely crafted apps like Chrome for the browser, Maps for navigation and Google Wallet for payments. LG’s menu skins are still here, but otherwise feels so much like a pure Android phone with premium features that LG had to say twice that it’s not a Nexus phone. That’s a good sign.”

lg g4 main 2

Android Central
“This is an LG phone. It looks and feels and acts like an LG phone. But even after a short time with it you quickly get the feeling that it’s probably going to be the best damned LG phone you’ve used.

“The display — impressive. We sneaked a few quick tests with the camera — most impressive. We didn’t want to immediately wipe the taste of the user interface from our mouth…In our quick, initial hands-on, there’s no denying that this is going to be a phone a lot of folks are going to want to put in their pockets.”

“LG has pushed the limits of design with its new G4, not only by adding real leather, but also be enhancing both the camera and the display. The screen is visibly better than its predecessor and offers a brightness that must be great outdoors, but we imagine will also chew through battery.

“The camera extras like Quick Shot, manual controls and shooting in RAW are likely to be of use both for casual users and more wannabe photographers alike…The LG G4 is a beautifully designed handset with a display that is visibly better than its predecessor. If this is more affordable than the competition it’ll be a very difficult offering to ignore.”


Trusted Reviews
“LG has taken the strong foundations of the LG G3 and improved on every aspect. The LG G4 is a device that looks, feels and acts the part. I can’t wait to use it again.”


“LG’s done well in crafting a very handsome flagship smartphone that smartly addresses the shortcomings of its direct predecessors, and I suspect a decent chunk of people will take a shine to this thing.”

More on the LG G4: The LG G4 will be coming to Vodafone UK soon, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with LG to find out what went into improving on the already great LG G3. You can read all about it here.