We caught up with LG Product Marketing Manager Shaun Musgrave to find out what makes the LG G4 a truly special device...


The LG G4 is coming soon to Vodafone UK. After the excellent LG G3 arrived to rave reviews last year, we can’t wait to have a play with LG’s latest top-of-the-range handset.

A year is a long time when it comes to mobile technology, and a lot has changed since LG’s last smartphone. So to find out what makes the LG G4 a truly special device, and to see what’s new, we caught up with Shaun Musgrave – Product Marketing Manager at LG. Read on to find out why the LG G4 could be the phone for you..

Bringing content to life

With a 5.5-inch Quad-HD display, a powerful hexa-core processor, an improved 16-Megapixel F1.8 with laser autofocus rear camera and a huge 8-megapixel front-facing selfie cam, the LG G4 is a flagship smartphone of epic proportions. It’s just been officially unveiled (28 April), and we’ve already had exclusive backstage access to find out what makes it tick. And, crucially, what makes it better than its predecessor…

“We were so proud of the LG G3,” Shaun starts, “but there were three key areas that we felt we could build upon: the screen, the battery, and the camera.

“The LG G3 was a great introduction for the Quad-HD screen – we were actually the first to introduce that resolution to mobile – but we felt we could still improve contrast levels and brightness. The new IPS Quantum display of the LG G4 is just as sharp, but far more vibrant, offering 20% better colour range. It’s truly stunning to look at.

“This time round, we have a new display structure that actually uses less current than the LG G3 by around 11%, which makes a massive difference to your battery.

“There are lots of smaller tweaks in there that make the LG G4 very efficient.”

“Based on consumer demand we know that long battery life is important, so we’ve focussed on making the battery as efficient as possible. We’ve updated the Smart Notice feature, which will manage and alert you to applications that are drawing a lot of power from the battery, so you can shut them down or uninstall them.

“It’s all about giving the users practical features to help them get the most out of their battery – there are lots of smaller tweaks in there that make the LG G4 very efficient.”

When the Quad-HD display first arrived with the LG G3 last year, it was impressive but – given the lack of Quad-HD content – arguably a bit ahead of its time. Now we’re one year on, how have things changed? Do we really need a Quad-HD display on mobile?

“I think users will be able to make the most of it now,” Shaun says. “It really comes to the fore in combination with the 16-Megapixel camera, because any time you take an image or a video, the display is really bringing that image to life.

“Also, content providers have really caught up in the last year or so. YouTube lets you stream 2K content also, and studios are beginning to create and stream up to 4K content to mobile devices, too. These companies are pushing the boundaries when it comes to content, and with the LG G4 you’ll be able to watch that content in the highest possible quality.”

“It’s more than just the resolution though,” he adds. “It’s the colours, the contrast, and the amazing overall viewing angles you get on the display. It’s a phenomenal display and we’re very, very proud of it.”


Shaun mentioned the 16-Megapixel rear camera, but that just scratches the surface on what LG has in store for keen photographers. “We’ve pushed the boundaries this time round,” he claims, but what can you really expect from the new snapper?

“Not only have we improved the sensor resolution on the rear camera, we’ve improved the lens too – the G4 is the first smartphone ever to have an F1.8 aperture. That means you’ll get lovely, bright pictures even in dim or dark surroundings because the F1.8 aperture allows so much more light in than other smartphone cameras.

“Among lots of other tweaks, we’ve also added what we call a ‘Colour Spectrum Sensor’, which determines via infrared the exact colour values before a picture is even taken. Sometimes, smartphone image processing can throw the white balance off a bit, so your colours don’t come out as vibrant or as real as you see it. However, ‘Colour Spectrum Sensor’ on the LG G4 automatically corrects for that, so you’ll get great shots all the time.

“It’s endless in terms of what you’re able to do. It really is a DSLR experience within a smartphone.”

“And the most exciting thing we’ve added is the ability to manually change all sorts of options,” Shaun continues. “You can still use the simple touch-and-shoot mode, but if you want to personalise the settings, you can change the shutter speed, ISO levels (which is camera’s sensitivity to light), manual focus, white balance, exposure and so much more – you can even change and manipulate the resulting image file types!

“It’s endless in terms of what you’re able to do. It really is a DSLR experience within a smartphone.”

And prolific selfie-takers will be pleased to hear that the LG G4 has upgraded the old 2.1-Megapixel front camera to a mammoth 8-Megapixel wide-angle snapper – so you can now fit everyone in your group shots with stunning clarity.”

Practical design

With the LG G4, LG has made some design choices that really separate this phone from the rest of the pack. The major change is the subtle curve from top to bottom, designed to make the phone “easier to handle,” says Shaun:

“It helps the phone sit a little more comfortably in the hand,” he explains, “but there are a few more practical benefits too. The slight curve means the mic and the speaker are slightly better positioned so your calls are clearer, and it also helps the phone absorb impact should it be dropped.

“It’s subtle, but it’s enough to create those practical benefits.”


And then there’s that striking leather back with beautiful stitching. But when other companies are going with metal unibody designs, why did LG choose leather?

“The great thing about leather is that over a period of time, it comes into its own and creates a unique weathered look,” explains Shaun in closing. “In essence, the handset itself will become unique to the user because everyone uses and holds their phone a little differently.

“This is high-grade leather too, so it’s still beautiful to look and really nice in the hand. It’s so important to use high quality materials and the LG G4 is a top quality device from inside out.”

Stay tuned for more… The LG G4 will be coming to Vodafone UK soon, so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out what LG’s Andrew Coughlin has to say about the company’s commitment to keeping Android simple.