Find out everything you need to know about Vodafone Outlet - a new web store where you can get virtually new phones at discount prices!

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Did you know: when you buy a phone at Vodafone, we give you 14 days to play with it and test it out? If you decide it’s not the phone for you during that period, you can return it to us free of charge.

And that got us thinking: what happens to all the barely used, practically new phones that get returned? Well, the answer is Vodafone Outlet – a new web-store where you can buy these refurbished returns at huge discount prices. We’ve been chatting to Vodafone’s E-Commerce specialist Ben Carr to find out exactly what the big deal is:

The savvy smartphone shopper’s new best friend…

“Naturally, we get quite a lot of devices returned to us by customers,” says Ben. “Often they’ve bought a phone, they’ve played around with it a bit and decided it’s not for them and they return it in their 14-day cooling off period.”

“We sell them at a discount rather than brand new – even if they haven’t even been touched.”

“We’re allowed to sell any of those phones that come back in pristine condition, but because they’ve been slightly used, we sell them at a discount rather than brand new – even if they haven’t even been touched. They go through a strict series of checks and tests at our warehouse, and those that are in good enough condition get repackaged and head onto Vodafone Outlet.

“And they come with all the additional bits and bobs too,” he adds, “headphones, booklets, cables – everything that came with the original devices are all included.”

Sounds enticing, right? Thing is, that’s not the only way untouched devices end up on Outlet:

“When we decide to stop selling a device, there will always be a few left in the warehouse. All of these end-of-line devices are now going to be reserved for Vodafone Outlet too, so we’re going to be able to bring these to the customer at a cheaper price as well.

Ben says it’s all about looking out for our customer’s needs from top to bottom. In that mission, no stone is left unturned, whether that means big changes like improving our back end tech, or more practical ideas like this new way of repurposing devices…

Interested? We thought you might be. After all, who would turn down the chance to pick up a mint-condition phone for a fraction of the recommended retail price? Check out our handy video below for more info on how you nab yourself a discount device:

For those who want to check out what’s available right now, Ben was only too happy to fill us in on the finer details:

“In practice it operates through a site connected to The deals are only available through the website though; you won’t be able to get them in our stores.”

“We’re live right now at,” Ben adds. “We’re continually improving the site and making sure it’s the best it can be, but new deals are going up all the time.”

Don’t miss out…

That means there’s even more reason to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, because as Ben tells us, our always up-to-date social channels are going to be the best way to find out when new Outlet bargains go on sale. And you’ll need to act fast: demand will be hot, so if you miss the first clarion call you might well end up empty handed…

“Our plan is to use social media to put out the word when new devices go up onto Vodafone Outlet as it’s one of the quickest ways of letting people know.”

In closing, Ben’s best advice is just to keep checking the site, because you never know what you might miss:

“Just because something was there yesterday, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be there today.”

“Because of the nature of how this works, the device range will change quite often. Some of the offers will be very limited, to the point where sometimes we’ll only have 40 or 50 devices. Just because something was there yesterday, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be there today.

“I guess the message is – if it’s there and it’s something you want, grab it now! But likewise, if there’s nothing on there that you’re interested in, check back tomorrow, because you don’t know what you might find and it might only be there for a few hours!”

Fancy a bargain? We’re reliably informed that limited quantities of the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5 mini will be going onto Vodafone Outlet soon! Click here to get browsing.