Want one of 2015’s best new smartphones in your pocket? The HTC One M9 is available at Vodafone UK right now, and we’ve got an exclusive festival ticket deal to boot!


The wait is over. The HTC One M9, the stunning new Android flagship, has landed at Vodafone UK, meaning you can order yours right now to enter a world of HD beauty, UltraPixel perfection, BoomSound noisiness and Blinkfeed-boasting goodness. And what’s more, we’ve got an exclusive HTC offer that could land you free tickets to a top UK festival!

But before you take the plunge, why not take a few minutes to read about one of the areas that HTC’s put the most work into since the HTC One (M8) launched last year: the camera. We’ve been speaking to HTC’s Ben Walsh about all things imaging, the selfie generation and how to do smartphone photography just right…

‘The best camera is the camera you’ve got on you’

HTC’s camera setup has had a reshuffle for 2015’s One iteration, bringing a new 20-Megapixel sensor to the One M9’s back and pushing the UltraPixel technology round to the front, where HTC thinks it’ll be most useful. The company says it’ll provide great shots in any situation, but what’s the thinking there?

“UltraPixels are an improvement on Megapixels in low-light conditions.”

“UltraPixels are an improvement on Megapixels in low-light conditions,” says Ben. “So what having that technology on the front of your phone delivers is the ability to take great shots in low light. It’s a fact that people take most selfies outside of the workplace, and ‘outside of the workplace’ tends to be the evening. Therefore you have low light conditions and your camera has to work that bit harder to take a great shot.

“If it has UltraPixels, you’re more guaranteed to take a good picture.”

Selfies are a big deal, so it makes sense that HTC make them a prominent part of the One M9’s feature set. In 2014 a whopping 40 percent of 18-34 year olds said they take selfies at least once a week*, while those self-shots made up an enormous 30 percent of photos taken by 18-24 year olds**.

“There are some really interesting stats out there,” says Ben. “I read a statistic that said that 87 percent of photos online are delivered by millennials – people born close to or since the turn of the millenium are literally supplying the internet with the majority of its photos. And you don’t have to be a genius to go online and work out that the majority of those photos are ones taken of themselves and their friends.” And it’s all this data that’s feeding the HTC One M9’s many revisions:

“There are a number of trends that we’re seeing,” Ben explains, “so in order to supply our customers with the best possible experience we’re building functionality into our device which supports what people are already doing. And taking the best possible selfie is incredibly important; it’s all about better capture of imagery generally, but selfies are that recent phenomenon which is really important to support.

“That’s not to say that the back of the camera isn’t important too,” he adds. “What people are demonstrating is that the best camera is the camera they’ve got on them. And when you’ve got 20 Megapixels on the back of the camera, that allows you to take fantastic shots.”


This refined camera setup is just one reason to love the HTC One M9 among many. But we’ve got one more to add to the mix, and it’s a reason that’ll give you the perfect opportunity to put those new front and back snappers to the test…

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