Vodafone Start is our brand new mobile portal that helps you get the most out of our network. It's packed with useful info, and it's ready when you are...


If you’re new to Vodafone, you’ll probably be keen to find out about all the things we can do for you besides bringing reliable signal to your phone. Thing is, we’ve got much more under our belt than you might think, which is why we’ve just launched Vodafone Start.

What is Vodafone Start? It’s a new browser experience for Windows, Android and iOS that showcases all of our services, apps and offers in one handy place. Read on for all the details…

Just press Start

You can think of Vodafone Start as a hub for everything we can do for you and your phone. In it you’ll find useful information on everything from My Vodafone, which lets you keep up to date with your data allowance, monthly minutes and texts, to the new Vodafone Message+ app.

It’s where you can get involved with Vodafone SmartPass, which lets you pay for things (up to £20) in thousands of shops around the UK without needing to take out your credit or debit card, and where you can get the latest offers from Vodafone Select.

vodafone start

Our own Ben Winnington explains: “Vodafone Start is designed to make it easier for our customers to find out about the extra benefits and services they’re entitled to as a Vodafone customer.”

And the best news is Vodafone Start has a ‘zero rating’, which basically means that navigating your way around it won’t use up any of your data allowance. It’s only when you click through to other sites or content from Vodafone Start that it starts to register against your allowance.

So how do you get it? Vodafone Start is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets. All you need to do is visit start.vodafone.com on your device’s browser.

Helpful tools, the latest news and offers from Vodafone and a window to your account, all for free. It’s that simple. If you’ve still got a few questions though, don’t worry: you can find the some frequently asked questions here. Remember: if you have any other questions you can always drop us a line using the comments section below!

All sorted? Just head to start.vodafone.com on your phone’s internet browser to get going.