Will and Dane, our SIM only #smartcookies, are full-time animators with some amazing projects up their sleeves. But what does it take to make it in that world?

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Are you clued up about our new SIM only plans? We know two #SmartCookies who are. Will and Dane, a couple of top-notch animators at London’s Blue-Zoo animation studios, are helping us champion the benefits of going SIM only with some of their brilliantly inventive work.

Keen on animation? We’ve managed to grab a few minutes with Will and Dane to try and learn what the average day looks like when you’re dreaming up new 2D worlds, how mobile tech is changing the game, and what SIM only means to them…


Ever wondered what life is like for a jobbing animator? It’s hard, painstaking work. And while the end product may be fantastic, the time and effort that goes into making work like Will and Dane’s is, at times, pretty intense:

“If we come in on a day when we’re starting a new episode then there’s normally a lot going on,” says Will. “We’ll have a briefing in which we discuss our original animatic with our animation directors, and they’ll tell us what they want, and then we go off and get to work.

“The amount of time it takes depends on the project. For a lot of them we have a target of around 30 seconds a week.”

“We go through camera layouts, path of animation and blocking, and then a normal day-to-day is us sitting quietly at our computers with our headsets on, focusing on our shots.

“But some days for us are more varied,” Dane adds. “And the amount of time it takes depends on the project. For a lot of them we have a target of around 30 seconds a week, but I’m working on a personal project in my spare time and it’s taken me about six months to do about a minute and a half.”

Six seconds of animation a day? It may seem like slow going, but if you want something done right, you need to take your time: “With animation it’s more quality over quantity,” says Will. And you can check out a quick example of their work below:



Still keen to get into the world of animation? The guys think there’s never been a better time:

“There are a lot more animated children’s TV shows being made than ever before, and there’s also much better technology at universities now, so you often see students come out with pieces that look really high-end.”

And there are more ways that tech has changed the animation game. Dane explains that the mobile is also opening up their work to a wider audience than ever: “I’d say that mobile tech has really changed things in terms of accessibility. At Blue-Zoo we don’t create content using mobile phones,” he says, “but we definitely see them being used more for distribution. For instance we’re making a lot more animated apps and games for tablets these days. And things like YouTube, Vimeo and Vine are great for getting your work out there, especially on mobile.”

“It’s a brilliant time to get into the game,” he says. And it’s a brilliant time to get on board with SIM only, too…

SIM only #SmartCookies

Whether you’re happy with your current phone, waiting for that great new one to hit the shelves, or just want to refresh your monthly deal, SIM only is the clever option for #SmartCookies everywhere. And what’s more, when you switch we’ll throw in three months of unlimited UK data. Here’s Will and Dane to explain why it’s the right choice for them:



“The best thing about SIM only is that when your contract is up you can choose to keep your phone,” says Will. “So if you’ve got a really good phone with all your apps and stuff you like on it, you can just carry on with that exact phone, and get yourself a new contract.”

And that’s especially important when you use your phone for work in the interesting way Will does: “I use my phone all the time for shooting video reference of me acting out what I want my characters to do,” he says. “I kind of perform in front of my phone, and use that as reference to base my animation on!”

To find out more, and to see how you could win some amazing SIM only prizes, check out the Vodafone Social #GetAnimated hub here.

More on SIM only… You can read up on all our great SIM only plans at vodafone.co.uk/simonly. Any questions? Fire away in the comments section below!