Are you ahead of the curve? Be quick to pre-order the brand new LG G Flex 2 and you could walk away with a G Watch R smartwatch too...

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Seen the new LG G Flex 2? With its flexible, curved display and a rear casing that actually heals itself, it’s a real marvel of smartphone engineering. It’s available to pre-order from today at Vodafone UK, and to make things even more tempting we’ve teamed up with LG to offer an LG G Watch R to the first 500 people who pre-order a G Flex 2 on a Red 4G plan online.


LG_G_Flex_2-g-watch-rPre-order your LG G Flex 2 now!
Are you ahead of the curve? Be among the first 500 to pre-order online and you’ll get an LG G Watch R at no extra cost!
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The G Watch R is LG’s latest, most powerful and best looking smartwatch to come from a long lineage of LG wearables. To find out what makes it tick, and what the future of smart wearable tech looks like, we’ve been talking to LG’s Product Manager Shaun Musgrave

Watch me

The LG G Watch R may look like a traditional wristwatch in pictures, but that round clock face is actually a 1.3-inch POLED display, and underneath it beats Android Wear – the smartwatch operating system from Google. It’ll alert you of incoming calls, text and emails, and allow you to reply with a few swipes. You can use it to change tracks when listening to music and even control some of your connected home appliances.

And it’s now available if you are one of the first 500 people to pre-order the LG G Flex 2 online (which you can find out loads more about here). Both the phone and the watch are stunning bits of tech, but how did the power of Android Wear and the G Watch R’s gorgeous, classic design come together?


“The G Watch R was made to represent the link between smartwatches and the style and elegance of classic watch designs,” says Shaun. “But beyond that, it is the first smartwatch with a fully round display. We think that good design is really important – it helps to deliver great innovation. People will only have a connection to something if they aesthetically like it, and we think the G Watch R embodies that.”

And with wearable technology still being a relatively young category, Shaun says that people are inclined to look to devices that have familiar, traditional designs: “A conventional size and shape helps when it comes to gaining mass adoption,” he explains. “People want to purchase watches based on their design first, and what they can do second.” So what kind of things can the G Watch R do for you?

“The benefit of Android Wear is that you get information when you need it with the help of smart notifications and Google Now…”

“The benefit of Android Wear is that you get information when you need it with the help of smart notifications and Google Now,” Shaun says. “It will help you provide key metrics for fitness, including location, step counting, heart rate monitoring and tracking your activities – be that running, walking or cycling. Other new innovations such as being able to download music through Google Play Music, so that you can use the watch independently of your phone, help it become a great all round, useful experience.

“And owning both an LG smartwatch and an LG phone like the G Flex 2 provides smooth connectivity. LG Health helps you track your health and fitness on both devices, too, which adds value. Beyond that, there’s the option to unlock the phone via proximity, which allows for greater security, and allows you to know when you’re close to your handset.”

The time is now

There’s never been a better time to get on board with the wearables trend. Our great LG G Watch R offer aside, the smartwatch market is one that’s only set to grow, while the ever-evolving software under the hood will let us do cooler and cooler things. It’s something that Shaun and LG are really excited about:

“I believe that we’ll all soon stop considering if something is a smartwatch or not,” he says. “We’ll look at them as just watches. But at the same time, manufacturers need to push the envelope to deliver the best products, both in terms of both design and functionality.

“LG has been a part of the whole wearables story even before ‘wearables’ became a buzzword,” he adds. “We’ve launched several wearable devices in the past like the Prada Link watch back in 2008. We had the world’s first watch phone, and now we have the G Watch and the G Watch R, which are among the first Android Wear devices. We are fundamentally part of that whole wearables story, so we’re in the greatest place to push and help develop the market.”


As for what that means for the future? LG is going to continue to refine and develop its wearables, which will give us brand new use cases:

“I think the plan for the future is to gather pace. We want to introduce more wearable technology – not just smartwatches – but we’ll also continue with smaller and more classic-looking watch designs at the same time. We have flexible OLED displays now, so we may be able to use that technology to allow screens to wrap around wrists or different areas of the body. We may introduce different operating systems in the future, too.

“The potential for what this category can provide is massive. The ability to link to your car and more devices outside the mobile arena is an interesting concept; there’s an abundance of areas in which smartwatches can communicate and help, so we’ll see them become more practical and functional in our daily lives. So the future is bright for the wearables category,” Shaun says in closing, “and LG will be at the forefront of it all.”

Get yours now! Be one of the first 500 customers to pre-order your LG G Flex 2 online on one of our Red 4G plans now and you’ll get an LG G Watch R worth £220! Click here to join the smartwatch revolution.

Terms and Conditions:
LG G Flex 2 bundle (device + watch – 500 bundles available total during pre-order)
1. The first 500 eligible customers to order a LG G Flex 2 on a 24-month Pay monthly
Red 4G plan will receive a G watch R with their LG G Flex 2 (the “Offer”).
2. Pre-order is only available online. However, customers who pre-order in-store or by
telephone will be eligible as advisers will process the order online.
3. The LG G Flex 2 will be available for pre-order on 26 February 2015 and will be
available to buy on 12 March 2015.
4. The Offer is open to UK residents aged 18 years of age or older, subject to passing
our credit check and accepting the Pay monthly airtime conditions.
5. The Offer is available to new customers (including transfers from other networks)
and existing customers who are eligible to upgrade. The offer excludes business customers.
6. The Offer is available while stocks last and will be withdrawn when the first 500
eligible orders have been made.
7. We reserve the right to withdraw this Offer at any time without cause and will
endeavour to notify customers if this Offer is withdrawn.
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