Up for the ultimate innovation challenge? Read on to find out how to register for this year's Vodafone 24: your chance to invent something amazing in just one day...


It’s back. Vodafone 24, the one-day event that could land you and your friends an internship here at Vodafone UK, is returning for 2015, and we’re on the hunt for entrants. Do you have what it takes to keep calm, carry on and invent something amazing?

If so, read on to find out what happened last year, which entries took the top spots, what prizes are on offer this time round and how to register your team…

Vodafone 24: Invent something amazing

Are you a university student with a great idea for the next big thing and a group of like-minded pals? Now in its third year, Vodafone 24 is once again looking to award one intrepid team of students with an exclusive internship here at Vodafone UK HQ in Newbury. It’s a money-can’t-buy prize that may well kick start your career in any number of fields, but how do you win?

The aim of the game is to create something amazing – a new product or service that fits our chosen brief – in just 24 hours. That means burning the midnight oil, working round the clock and pulling together as a team to bring a fresh idea to life. It’s The Apprentice, meets Dragon’s Den, meets the ticking clock from Countdown!

For an idea of what we’re talking about, and the level of quality that’ll really grab our attention, check out the team that won first place below:


relieveVodafone 24 2014 winners: Lincoln Valentino
Take a look at the pioneering smart e-cigarette concept that secured the Lincoln Valentino team first place in 2014’s Vodafone 24.
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“The overall quality of the entries in the last competition was incredibly high,” says Vodafone’s Bryan Hill, who organises Vodafone 24. “Virtually every entry was of a very good standard – people knew the level they would have to aim for, and they surpassed it. The level of background research was much, much higher too.

“Almost every report came with a dozen references to background information and research. A lot of the teams’ ideas were clearly the result of research around existing solutions.” Here’s a taster of what last year’s winners got up to on their internship:



The competition will be fierce, then, but we promise you’ll have fun, and the members of each runner up team will win an iPad for their hard work.

Up for the challenge? The competition kicks off on 28th February, giving you plenty of time to stock up on sweets, supplies and energy drinks. If you and your friends are at a UK university and fancy your chances email Vodafone24@vodafone.com with the word “Register” in the subject and we’ll invite you into the Facebook group that contains the full competition details.

Last year’s Vodafone 24: Want to see the ideas that won last time? Check out the third place winners here, the second place winners here and the overall winners here.