Gather round: it's time for parents, grandparents, kids, aunts, uncles and everyone in-between to find out how technology can make family life loads more fun...


If you’re a parent with young children, there’s every chance that their knowledge of technology is fast outpacing yours. Kids can become ingrained in new online services and trends in the blink of an eye, and that can sometimes leave parents struggling to keep up. And that’s why it’s never been more important that we do what we can to help parents and kids use technology together.

To help bridge that gap, we’ve been working closely with The Parent Zone and the Vodafone Foundation to come up with fun, educational activities and digital resources which allow both sides of the family feel the benefit of everything that mobile and the internet has to offer. Read on to find out how you and yours can get involved…

Have fun while you learn

Are you up to speed with the ever-changing mobile technology in your kids’ hands? A recent survey carried out for Vodafone by The Parent Zone showed that while children are increasingly engaging with the digital world today, parents are not always sharing in this experience with them. The survey also showed children are spending more time using technology on their own, with only a fifth of parents sharing something on a digital device with their child once a week.

The “My Tech Family” hub has been designed with your family in mind. It allows you, whether you are a parent or guardian, to share in the exploration of the digital world at home with your kids. The hub has a host of useful activities that you can get stuck into with them, starting with the digital learning styles quiz, which will help both sides of the family to understand how they like to learn.


Once you all know your learning style, the tool identifies the kind of activities you and your family can try next based on this info, helping your kids to find activities they’ll enjoy more, and opening the door to new ways of learning.

That might mean getting the children to teach their grandparents how to start a video call with them, downloading a recipe that you can all make together as a family, or even working together to create a fun video game online. There’s a huge library of content, guides, quizzes and fun challenges available, and it’s all available for free.


my_tech_family_thumbMy Tech Family: Take the quiz!
Head over to our hub for a fully-stocked list of great online activities and tech guides for the whole family. Why not take the Digital Learning Styles quiz with your kids to kick things off?
Click here to get going!



How did your family fare? Whatever their learning style, there’s always more in the digital learning world that they can delve into, which can benefit their learning. Aside from the learning styles quiz, My Tech Family acts as a hub of great ideas designed to help every generation explore the web together.

And there’s more! If you like what you see on the My Tech Family hub then why not get your local schools involved? There are lessons plans available to download, and all you need to do is ask your child’s teacher to sign up at The Parent Zone. Or if you’ve got any questions email The Parent Zone team directly on


But it doesn’t end there. As well as My Tech Family helping to point parents in the right direction, we’ve also published the Vodafone Digital Parenting magazine, which has given over a million parents useful information and tips on how their families can go digital safely. You can get the magazine through your local school, in one of our stores, or read it online here.

We’ll also be speaking to The Parent Zone, and to teachers, to find out how My Tech Family is making a big difference to the way kids and grownups talk about tech in and outside of the classroom. Stay tuned for more on that soon. In the meantime, you can check out what’s in store for My Tech Family here.

More on Family… Ready to brush up on your tech knowhow? Head over to the Vodafone Social Family Zone for advice, info and everything else you need to help your kids get the best out of the web safely.