We've had a big year here on Vodafone Social, Vodafone UK's official blog. Read on for a look at our biggest 2014 highlights...

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2014 has been a massive year in mobile. Advances in mobile tech have been coming thick and fast; we’ve seen smartwatches truly come into their own, phones used to control your home and big advances in the quality of our network.

And Vodafone Social has been there every step of the way, chronicling the evolving tech landscape and making the news as we go. As it’s the last week of the year, we thought we’d take a quick look back at some of our best bits. In case you missed them first time round, here’s the Vodafone Social 2014 highlights package…

Exclusive interviews


How do you go about making a quad-core, up-to-date Android smartphone like the Moto G for just £100? We spoke to Motorola to find out…



Sony’s latest flagship handsets, the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact, are now available at Vodafone UK. We caught up with Sony to find out why they both set the bar higher than ever…


How long will it be before your smartphone can compete with top level DSLR cameras? That day’s closer than you think, according to HTC’s camera guru…



lg g3 thumbLG
LG is rightly proud of the camera in the LG G3. It has a raft of tricks up its sleeve to help you take better shots, but how does it all work? We went right to the source to find out…



Staying safer than ever


How can you be sure that your family stays safe on Twitter? We spoke to the social network about how to Tweet without worry…



facebook thumb 2014Facebook
Whether you’re a parent with a young teenager using Facebook for the first time, or you’re new to the service yourself, here’s how to get the best from it while staying safe, with tips straight from Facebook.



dpgthumbDigital Parenting guide
This year saw the latest edition of the Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide hit the digital shelves, and it’s totally free. To celebrate, we held a talk on the future of keeping tech in the family…


Big phones, big deals


930 competition thumbNokia Lumia 930
With the Nokia Lumia 930 now available at Vodafone UK, our eForum Community Champions had the chance to get to grips with it earlier this year. Here’s how JeffKinn got on…


s5gold2Samsung Galaxy S5
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s mainstream flagship for 2014, and it’s a stunner. Step this way to watch some top tips from the Vodafone Tech Team.


z3 main thumbSony Xperia Z3
Sony’s next generation of flagship handsets are here. Read on to find out why the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact are each an Android force to be reckoned with…


living with htc one m8 carouselHTC One M8
The Vodafone eForum Community Champions had been using the HTC One (M8) for a few weeks when we caught up with them. Check out their verdict on one of the best looking phones of the year.




bendy screen thumbThe future of flexible screens
What will our phones look like in 2014? How about in 2020? Check out our talk with the man in the know to find out. Get ready for a flexible future…


ubuntu phone pcWill your phone ever be your computer?
Smartphones can do more now than ever before, but can your phone also be your computer? We chatted with Vodafone’s resident futurologist to find out.


chromecast mainWhy your phone could be your next games console
With Google’s Chromecast going on sale in Vodafone UK stores in 2014, we thought it was time for a chat about the future of streaming…



Network news


We brought 3G signal to 12 ‘not-spot’ rural communities throughout the UK, and swiftly went on the hunt for 100 more, but how has the process evolved since it began?



wind farm thumbRenewable network
Read up on how we’re investing a huge amount in renewable energy, and how it’s going to change our network for good. A bit of breeze can go a long way, you know…



The year in video


youtube channel thumbThe Vodafone UK YouTube Channel
There’s always plenty going on in the Vodafone Tech Team’s world. Whether it’s exclusive hands-ons with the latest handsets, or handy walkthroughs to all your new phone’s tricks, they’ve got a video to fit.


Plenty more where that came from… We’ve got a lot more great stuff coming in 2015, and a whole lot more from 2014 besides. To explore more, check out our Phones, Network, Mobile Life, Family Zone or JustTextGiving sections.