The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has landed at Vodafone UK. Read on to find out how it works, and what Samsung has in store for the future of phone screens.


Samsung has always been pushing the limits of what we can do with phone screens. It was one of the first manufacturers to really get behind big phone displays, and isn’t shy about showing off future concepts. And that innovative attitude to screens is exactly the thinking behind company’s latest handset: the Galaxy Note Edge.

At Vodafone we’re really excited to be the only network operator stocking the Note Edge, which is available today and features a curved glass display that swoops round one side of the phone. But what problem’s it helping to address and how does it work? To find out, we’ve been speaking to Samsung’s Roger Enright, Director of Partner Products. Read on for a glimpse into the future…

Cutting Edge tech

First up, we’re keen to hear what Samsung believes the Note Edge can offer that the Galaxy Note 4 can’t. “The Galaxy Note Edge offers customers a totally revolutionary way to access information and engage with their smartphone,” Roger tells us. “Its unique curved ‘Edge’ screen offers quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and programme control functionality, even when the cover is closed, and all with the swipe of a thumb.

“You can also receive real-time notifications directly on the Edge screen while watching movies or TV shows on the main screen, without any interruptions.”

Intrigued? You can think of the Note Edge as having two connected displays. One is the main front panel, and the second is that eponymous edge. This setup allows you to get stuff done and see your important information while the main screen is busy doing other things. It’s a unique design, and it’s definitely something that’s never been done before, but why launch it side by side with the Galaxy Note 4?

“At Samsung we are committed to offering our customers with a wide range of choice,” Roger says. “Launching both the Note 4 and Note Edge reflects that. So with the Note Edge we can offer the ability to use and interact with a smartphone in a completely new way, while the Note 4 builds upon the phenomenal success of the previous generations of Galaxy Note.

“The Note Edge is aimed at anyone who wants to be at the forefront of innovative technology, and to own the latest and greatest smartphones as soon as they’re available in the UK.”

A sign of things to come

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Round in Korea, which boasted a display that curved to match the shape of your leg when it sits in a pocket. With that then and the Note Edge now, it’s clear that the company is investing seriously in the future of phone screens. So is the Note Edge a sign of things to come in the UK? And does Samsung want to be the leaders of that kind of innovation?

“Curved screens and flexible technology are definitely a step forward,” Roger says. “What we’ve been able to achieve with the curved screen on the Note Edge, and the new design and comfort that we achieved with our new Gear S smartwatch, shows how useful flexible display technology can be.

“Curved screens and flexible technology are definitely a step forward…”

“We expect flexible screen technology to evolve in larger and higher resolution displays in the coming years, and with the introduction of things like the Quad HD Super AMOLED screen in the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge, we’ve shown how advanced our screen technology is.” And, as Roger reveals, that advanced tech will soon mean phones that bend and flex like paper…

“We’ll continue to show true innovation in the area of flexible screen technology. For example, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013, we showcased flexible display concepts, including the first prototype of the Galaxy Note Edge.”

Here’s that demo in action:



“The possibilities for this technology will create new benefits for everyone,” says Roger, “some of which are yet to be imagined. What we do know is that our customers are demanding new innovations, and in 2014 the Galaxy Note Edge is a great example of how we can offer improved experiences through innovative use of display tech.

“We’ll continue to push forward the boundaries of integrated design and technology,” Roger says in closing. “Samsung is committed to bringing these innovations to market, so we’ll be sharing updates at key events in the future. Stay tuned.”

Get yours now! Want to be at the leading edge of screen tech? The Galaxy Note Edge is now available at Vodafone UK. Click here to order yours.