John Wright, one of the Vodafone eForum's Community Champions, has had the Sony Xperia Z3 since launch. So what's his expert opinion? Read on to find out.

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Today it’s Community Champion John Wright’s turn, as he’s been getting to grips with the Sony Xperia Z3 . What does he make of Sony’s latest flagship, and what does he like most about it? We find out …

‘A quality product’

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.43.57John’s been using the Z3 every day for weeks now, but what did he think of it when he first saw one? “I really liked the look of it,” he tells us. “I liked it so much when I first held it that I went straight out and got one myself. The materials it’s made of are very impressive; it’s just a quality product and it’s got a superior build quality to other devices I’ve used. Everything about it is top quality.

“I was a little bit unsure whether the size [which is 5.2-inches] would be a little bit too big, but as soon as I held it in my hand and felt the rounded edges and the thinness of it, I was very impressed.”

Clearly then, Sony has crafted a phone that makes a great first impression, but what happens when you actually get down to using it all day every day? John tells that one of the Z3’s standout features has really left him smiling:

“What’s really impressed me is the screen,” he explains. “It’s full HD, meaning everything’s very clear and sharp. The visibility in sunlight is really, really good, too.” It’s definitely a stunning screen, boasting a massive resolution and a pixel density of 424 pixels per inch, but there are plenty of other headline features jostling for position in the Z3’s spec sheet…


“The battery life is really impressive,” John adds, “and you can easily get two days on a single charge. It’s helped by the STAMINA Mode feature, which turns some apps off in the background and limits the activity when the phone’s switched off, and it makes a big impact on battery life. The processor seems really fast and efficient too; everything’s smooth with no jerkiness.

“And, while I’m not a photographer myself, the camera seems really good. It takes great shots at night and in bright daylight as well. On top of all that there’s the waterproofing. I’ve always been wary of using phones in rain or outside when it’s very wet, but now I’m not bothered by that; I can do whatever I want without worrying.”

A complete package

So far, so good, but it’s not just the hardware that has to tick all the right boxes. As we’ve mentioned in the past, what manufacturers do to tweak the Android operating system is a hot topic among phone fans. Many people prefer the ‘vanilla’ Android experience – the stock, untouched OS as designed by Google. So what does John make of Sony’s additions to the software?

“If you’re coming from any other Android phone, this will be very easy to use.”

“Sony’s tweaks to Android are pretty minimal,” he tells us. “I’ve not come across anything I don’t like, because everything seems to be integrated well. For example, when you’re in the app drawer, there’s a little side menu you can pull out from the left, which allows you to organise things, delete apps, uninstall them or hide them from the menu. I’ve not seen that before in Android and it’s really useful.

“Some of the inbuilt Sony apps are good, too. There’s one called Movie Creator, which is very interesting. If you’ve been out and you’ve taken a few photos throughout the day, it can put them together in a slideshow with music. You can then edit that by deciding which pictures to include or exclude. It’s a fun little tool.

“Also on the camera side of things, there are inbuilt ‘augmented reality’ apps which are quite fun to use. There was a ‘horror’ one for Halloween, for instance, which put makeup on people’s faces on the screen as you held the camera up. So there are lots of fun little things – nothing too serious.”

sony xperia z3

“I haven’t got a Playstation 4, but I imagine the Remote play feature on the Z3 will be very popular with gamers, too,” he adds. “I’ll have to try and ask for a PS4 for Christmas!”

All in all, it’s pretty clear that John’s taken with Sony’s latest…

“If you’re coming from any other Android phone, this will be very easy to use. As long as you’ve got a Google account you can be up and running very very quickly. I’ve been very impressed with the Z3,” he says in closing. “I’ve used a lot of devices, but the Z3 has dragged me over to Sony for the time being.”

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