NOW TV is our latest Entertainment partner for Vodafone 4G, offering a huge library of top TV shows to stream on demand. But how will you know exactly what to watch?


Heard about our latest 4G entertainment partner? We’ve joined forces with NOW TV Entertainment to offer TV fans a multitude of great shows to watch on your smartphone, streamed on demand wherever you go, all with the benefit of our ultrafast 4G network. On top of that, anyone signing up now until 23 December will also get three months of NOW TV Movies access too!

To celebrate the news, and to find out more about what makes NOW TV Entertainment such a good match for telly addicts, we’ve been speaking to Managing Director, Gidon Katz. Read on to discover the secrets of successful streaming…

Content, content, content

Gidon Katz_thumbTo kick things off, we wanted to ask Gidon a very simple question: what makes NOW TV different from the other streaming services out there? “The first thing that leaps out is the content,” he explains. “On NOW TV Entertainment we have 13 of the best pay-to-view channels in the UK, including Sky Atlantic, with shows like Games of Thrones, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men.

“And then on top of that you’ve got phenomenal box sets. I’m currently really enjoying Justified, for instance, which is on FOX and has received lots of critical acclaim in the US.

“We’ve got a great content line up across entertainment and movies,” he adds. “Our movies package has now got over 1000 titles, including new ones coming for Christmas including Frozen, Lego Movie, Muppets Most Wanted and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Those are great family films, but we’ve also got a great selection of movies like Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. We add about 30 movies each month, with four new premieres every week; we really try and keep everything fresh and vibrant, so that people will always have something new to watch.”



But, as we found out, great content is just one side of the story. With NOW TV available on mobile, tablet, desktop, and a myriad other devices, we were keen to find out how you go about bringing the same experience to so many different screen sizes…

“We want to make all that content available to you wherever you are,” Gidon says, “so you can now watch NOW TV on over 50 devices, including the NOW TV Box, Xbox One and PS4. And when you’re not at home, we give people the ability to watch what they want at the time they want on their smartphones and tablets.

“Achieving that is tough, but it’s a challenge that we enjoy. We want to make sure that NOW TV’s user interfaces work well on every device, so we have to customise each one to make the best of our content on whatever screen you’re using. On a mobile phone you have to be more selective in terms of the number of movies you can show on one page,” he explains. “But equally, it’s much easier to navigate on a mobile phone – you just swipe from show to show.”

Smart suggestions

When the library is so vast, and the screens sometimes small, it’s important for NOW TV to be able to recommend you the right stuff at the right time. And to do that, it groups its shows and movies together in a really smart way:

“We know that customers have their own tastes and viewing habits, so we make sure that we clearly signpost different content collections. It’s the things like ‘Collections’ and ‘Genres’ that allow people to easily pick and choose what they would really like to watch. We’ll also categorise things based on what’s currently in the news,” Gidon reveals. “So we’ll bring together Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies for his 40th birthday, for instance.”

And it helps when you know how and when people are watching, as well as just what…

“We also offer the ability to sit down and join in with live TV…”

“People love watching TV on the go and on their big screens alike. Often it’s the same people that like watching things on both. Currently, over 30 percent of our subscribers have added an additional device to their account, and that number’s rising. We’re seeing more people watching both at home and on their phone.

“We’re very focussed on making sure that our customers can watch our content on big and little screens. With big screens we know that that’s part of the communal viewing experience with the whole family, whereas some people might want to watch some shows by themselves, and that’s why we’re so excited about distribution on mobile phones and tablets.

“And, while we offer box sets and catch up, we also offer the ability to sit down and join in with live TV, which is a very communal experience. That way people can sit down and watch more family friendly shows as they’re broadcast live.”

NOW TV Entetainment

“As you would expect, you see more family content being watching during the day, while in the evening you’ll see more mature TV. On the weekends we see more people watching indie and drama genres, and you can even see people respond to the weather – we all naturally watch more TV when it rains, or when it’s a bank holiday.

“Our goal is always to get people watching great stuff as quickly as possible,” Gidon says. “So we do our best to categorise things based on all of this data, but it’s worth remembering that all our content is of the best quality. We collect and curate the absolute best movies and TV shows, so we don’t believe that there’s anything in our catalogue that isn’t worthy of watching.”

So, finally, what’s coming next for NOW TV? The answer seems to be a constant, gradual improvement of everything mentioned above:

“We’re always working on how we can improve our customers’ experience,” Gidon says in closing. “We’re going to evolve and improve our proposition by finding more and more ways for people to get to the content they want to watch.”

Sign me up… For all the information you need on NOW TV Entertainment with Vodafone 4G, including the limited time offer of three months’ worth of NOW TV Movies included along with it, click here.