Apple's latest iPad is thinner, lighter and faster than ever before. We're smitten with it, but what do the web's tech experts have to say?

ipad air 2

If you’re in the market for a tablet, there are few as new, shiny and powerful as Apple’s new iPad Air 2. It takes everything that made the previous iPad Air great – the slim and light design, meaty processor and stunning Retina Display – and improves the formula by cranking up the performance and shaving off even more weight.


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But you needn’t take our word for it; the web’s tech experts have all had time with Apple’s latest and greatest iPad, and we’ve rounded up their thoughts right here…

iPad Air 2 reviews

“Apple has improved on perfection with iPad Air 2, making something that anyone using a tablet from 2012 or earlier should be thinking very strongly about upgrading to… It’s no good just saying that a tablet has good design, power or specifications.

“The ultimate success or failure of any device depends on how it’s packaged and whether it comes in at the right price. Apple has drawn on all its strengths to make a tablet that seems to have no flaws, and it will be the best tablet in the market throughout the next year. The only problem the brand will have is how to make it better in 12 months time. I’m glad that’s not a problem I have to solve.”

ipad air 2 corner

“The new iPad Air gets an improved A8X processor, better rear and front-facing cameras, an even thinner and lighter design, an anti-reflective screen, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and more built-in storage at higher configurations than last year. iPad Air 2 is a nice refinement and finesse of last year’s model, with a bevy of tweaks, enhancements, a much faster processor, and the welcome addition of Touch ID. Simply put: it’s still the gold standard for tablets.”

Trusted Reviews
“iPad Air 2 is another triumph for Apple. The design and screen have improved in all the right ways, and the new A8X processor is nothing short of astonishing. This is still the best large tablet around.”

The Verge
“There’s no question that iPad Air 2 is the best iPad ever made. It’s also the best tablet ever made — its incredible hardware and enormous ecosystem of apps offer a commanding advantage over the competition.”

ipad air 2 2

“It may not be a brand-new design, per se, but its thin frame helps keep the marquee tablet looking sleek and exciting, and the extra burst of performance ensures that it stays among the most powerful tablets on the market for the next year.”

Phone Arena
“Apple certainly hits it on the mark with iPad Air 2, seeing that it receives all the incremental upgrades we’d commonly expect to find on any successive device. It’s thinner, lighter, and more powerful than ever before, while still being treated to an even better camera and enhanced platform experience…”

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