Off on a winter break? With Vodafone, you can take your 4G plan with you to a huge range of top destinations. Read on to find out why our roaming options are the best around...


“We first launched 4G roaming earlier this year and now we’ve increased the number of destinations in which the service is available so more people can take advantage of ultrafast speeds.” That’s Vodafone’s Tom Worthington talking – the man in the know when it comes to Vodafone 4G Roaming.


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We’ve been catching up with Tom to find out how we’ve gone from four to 23 4G roaming countries in just six months, to ask why it’s so important to be able to access ultrafast speeds on holiday, and to figure out what’s coming next…

Do more, in more places

“We’ve recently brought 4G roaming to 19 more destinations, including the USA and much more of Europe, which means that we’re now able to offer 4G roaming in many key customer roaming destinations,” says Tom. “And the benefit of that is that people are going to be able to do more, quicker, in any of these destinations where there’s 4G coverage.”

And Tom knows the importance of being able to do more, in more places, as much as anyone:

“We’ve recently brought 4G roaming to 19 more destinations…”

“When I was in New York a couple of weeks ago I was relying quite heavily on the maps,” he says. “4G would have loaded these a lot quicker, saving my wife time standing around that could be used for shopping or for some sightseeing but unfortunately I went just before we launched 4G Roaming in the US.”

We’ve explored the process involved in roaming before on Vodafone Social, but how do we go about making 4G work in new destinations? The answer is all about making deals and rigorous testing:

“We have to technically integrate our 4G customers with our roaming network partners 4G services. For example in the US, we’ve partnered with AT&T to open up communications between our systems and their 4G services. It’s really key that we get this integration right as if you get things like that wrong, it could result in a poor customer experience, so we’ve made sure that we fully test everything before we enable 4G roaming with a roaming partner.”

Using more data on the go

With 4G now available to Vodafone customers in 23 countries worldwide, have people’s habits been changing? While we don’t have access to stats about what people are doing with their data, Tom does have evidence to show that more people are using data abroad than ever before:

“We’ve seen a fairly sharp traffic increase,” he reveals. “4G users are using more data than 3G users whether they are home or abroad; especially in the destinations covered by EuroTraveller and WorldTraveller where people have the freedom to take their home minutes, texts and data allowances abroad for a fixed daily fee without the need to worry about an unexpected bill when they get home, as long as they stay within their price plan allowance.


“We can all see the benefits of 4G at home, with faster data streaming and better access to content without the need to wait as long while our video buffers or our webpages load and there’s that real expectation of having that same experience wherever you go. If you’re on holiday, that means faster photo uploads of you by the beach enjoying the sun, faster map downloads when you are lost in a new city and much more.

So what’s next? How are we going to expand our 4G roaming even further?

“We’re currently the only UK network provider with this many 4G roaming destinations open to us, so our customers can enjoy 4G in more destinations than any other UK operator. Now that we’ve established that, we’re keen to keep up the trend – we’re ahead of the game, and we want to keep it that way, so we’ve got a plan to keep rolling out to as many of those 4G destinations as we can,” says Tom

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