It's here. Apple's latest flagship is one of the most anticipated handsets of the year, but what do the web's tech experts have to say about iPhone 6?

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iPhone 6 is here, and this latest flagship from Apple comes in two unique flavours. The larger iPhone 6 Plus is perfect for those who favour a massive screen, but it’s the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that will suit anyone looking for that inimitable iPhone experience in a more pocket friendly frame.


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We’re smitten with the new design and hardware on both new iPhone models, and think that Apple’s latest flagships are a perfect match for out 4G network. That’s because each Red 4G Plan comes with the choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or Netflix subscriptions included, and each one shines thanks to iPhone 6’s big screen and stellar audio.

But what does the web have to say? Here, we dive into some of the web’s biggest reviews to show what each site’s tech experts think of iPhone 6. Read on to be blown away…

Apple iPhone 6 reviews

The Verge
“Apple took this opportunity to upgrade nearly everything about the device, from Wi-Fi to LTE to build quality to the already remarkable camera. And since it has a big-enough screen but still works well in one hand and fits snugly in my pocket, this is a device that almost every phone buyer on the planet will at least consider. The iPhone 6 is utterly without obvious problems or drawbacks — it’s going to be a huge hit.”

“The operating system is smarter and more intuitive than ever…”

“It feels amazing in the hand. Apple has somehow made a phone too thin and turned it into a positive. The operating system is smarter and more intuitive than ever, and that’s without even factoring in the strong ecosystem of apps and media that Apple users get.”

Trusted Reviews
“The 4.7-inch screen makes the iPhone 6 a very different proposition if you have an iPhone 4/4S/5/5S. The extra real-estate offers a great benefit that Android users have been enjoying for years now and comes with the added benefit of the best apps around, which will take full advantage of the extra space.”

iphone 6 reviews 2

“Even with a slightly larger screen, the iPhone remains comfortable to hold. With fast performance, a great display, an elegant new design and a much-needed software update, it’s one of the best smartphones you can buy right now.”
“The king is dead, long live the king: the new iPhone 6 is everything we’ve come to expect from the annual Apple smartphone upgrade – new look, retuned OS, refined camera. The difference is that this year, that new look is the most stylish in years and that OS’s functionality has been buffed within an inch of its life. The genuinely longer battery life that comes as a bonus with the bigger chassis is nicely unexpected.”

“A stunning Retina HD display, blisteringly fast A8 processor, and class-leading connectivity make these the best iPhones ever. 2014 has been a great year in mobile, and Apple just raised the bar even higher.”

iphone 6 reviews 1
“It’s a real looker, with an amazingly slim and deeply attractive build. It feels lovely in the hand, despite the extra size. It has the best screen of any iPhone – big enough to be useful, with gorgeous colours. It’s the most powerful iPhone ever, even if in use all you’ll know is that it feels very fast.

“It has the best battery of any iPhone ever, lasting well into a second day. And it also packs some of Apple’s biggest software innovations in years, although we’ll have to wait for the likes of Apple Pay to make their way over here.”

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