With ultrafast 4G, great specs and a low price, our latest homegrown tablet is our best ever. Read on for all you need to know about the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G...

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We build Vodafone branded devices to offer high quality hardware for a pleasantly low price tag, and our aim with each new device is to get better and better at striking that balance. Today, we can lift the lid on our very latest home grown device: the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G.


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The Vodafone Smart 4 power is now available at Vodafone UK, and it’s our best ever smartphone. But how do you make a high end phone at a wallet friendly price?
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To find out more and to get the inside story, we’ve been speaking to Vodafone’s Connected Devices Portfolio manager Jason Smith. How do you make a 4G tablet that’s this easy on the wallet? Read on…

The need for speed

Firstly, let’s talk specs: the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G has an 8-inch HD display, an improved 5-Megapixel camera, a big 4060 mAh battery and powerful performance in a stylish sliver of a chassis that’s only 7.99mm thick. And on top of all that, it’s got the added bonus of being 4G ready.

That means you’ll be able to connect to our ultrafast 4G network in an ever expanding list of towns and cities up and down the UK, making it even easier to surf the web or get stuck into your favourite shows on Netflix – our entertainment partner for 4G tablets.

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“The new Smart Tab 4G is the next evolution of the Smart Tab range,” says Jason. “Since the Smart Tab 4 launched we’ve focussed on improving our data speed technology, so now we can offer a device that’s faster, but at the same price as its predecessor.”

“You don’t see many devices of this quality at this price point…”

That price? It’s available on a 1GB 4G plan from just £17 per month with a £29 upfront cost, or on 4G Pay as you go for just £125, making it the most affordable 4G tablet on the market. “You don’t see many devices of this quality at this price point,” says Jason.

But how did we get to this point? The Smart Tab range is still relatively young, but it comes on leaps and bounds with every version:

“18 months ago we started to include a broader range of manufacturers in our tablet line up and, crucially, to include options for a broad range of budgets,” Jason explains. “We all felt there would be a demand for a low cost tablet, but no one was quite prepared for the level of success it saw in the first 12 months.”

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And Jason hopes that the Smart Tab 4G can build on that success:

“As it’s the same low price as the Smart Tab 4, the Smart Tab 4G makes a great second tablet for the family, for students heading off to university, or for people going travelling. It offers experiences and technology you’d expect at a much higher price point.”

Sounding good? You can pick up a Vodafone Smart Tab 4G on 4G Pay as you go or 4G Pay monthly from tomorrow (15 October). Is this your next tablet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!