Need a hand? For everything you need to know about Vodafone, our phones, plans, and more, our Get Started page is there to help. And now it's better than ever.

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At Vodafone we want to you to be able to help yourself whenever you need to. We’re available on the end of the phone, on social media or in store if you need us, but for quick answers and information about your bills, plans and our services, the Vodafone website is your best friend.

Our website is award-winning, but we don’t rest on our laurels for a minute, always looking for ways in which we can do more to make the experience better for our customers. One example, hot off the press, is the refresh of our Get Started page, streamlining everything to better help you find what you need. To learn what’s new, we’ve been talking to Vodafone’s Dani Busby. Ready to get started?

Helping you help yourself

“I do a lot of work looking at the way our customers can get more out of their interactions with us, including online,” Dani tells us. “One of the things that I noticed quite early on was that – in terms of pure information – the navigation on wasn’t really where it needed to be.

“To address this, we brought customers in to Vodafone and asked them to find their way to various parts of the site. We gave them various scenarios like finding out about our 4G content offers from Spotify, Sky Sports and Netflix, and left them to it to find what they needed. We set them off trying to find that information and tracked their eye movements. The feedback we got from that told us that the content was good, but that it was difficult to find.”



As Dani explains, that’s bad news for anyone who just wants to get their answers quickly and easily: “We’ve learned that if you’ve not found the information you’re looking for after one or two minutes, you’re likely to phone up instead, or just give up.

“People are really busy these days,” she says. “For simple things, you don’t necessarily want to have to ring anyone or go to your local store – we all want the answers at our fingertips. Whether it’s about your phone bill, advice or anything, you want to be able to ask a question and get an answer online. So addressing any issues here was about making the experience quicker, simpler and easier for our customers.

Time for a spruce up

So how has that research affected the look of our Get Started pages?

“What we’ve done is completely refreshed the whole section,” Dani says. “We’ve taken the top five customer queries and brought them into the top of the page, and also built in what we know our customers need on their ‘getting started’ journey. We’ve redesigned it – made it cleaner and more attractive – but we’ve also tried to include other mediums like our Tech Team YouTube videos. We’re joining everything up.

“Take SIM Swap, for instance: you’ll now see the link to the SIM Swap page in that section of Get Started, as well as the video on how that service works. So we’re showing what you need to do before taking you to the right page. And it’s working,” Dani reveals. “The SIM Swap page has seen quadruple the traffic since we updated our Get Started page.”

get started 3

We’re pretty sure that the new look Get Started hub will help you get your questions answered, but what if you still can’t find the specific answer you’re looking for? Dani’s got that covered, too: “There’s an option to chat to one of our web agents one-on-one. There’s always that option on the site.”

And, as we found out, this is all just the beginning: “We’re still evolving the page,” Dani says in closing. “We’re going to do lots more work in terms of understanding what our customers most frequent needs are, and will be adding new topics all the time.”

Get Started… If you’ve got a problem, need advice, want to get all the latest info on our latest plans or anything in between, you can check out our new look Get Started section right here.