The Samsung Galaxy note 4 is coming to Vodafone UK very soon. To celebrate, we've been talking to Samsung to find out why it's such a great match for our ultrafast 4G network.

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When it comes to phone screen sizes, there’s never been such variety and choice. If you like something small and pocketable, there are plenty of options. But what if you want something really, really big? Samsung’s got you covered with the new 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4, which is landing at Vodafone UK soon.


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To find out what’s new, and what makes the Note range different from its smaller brothers the Galaxy S5 and Alpha, we’ve been chatting to Samsung’s James White. Here’s what we found out…

Take Note

“Note is a really important range for us,” says James. “We were the first to launch big screen devices in the UK with the original Galaxy Note, and we’ve built a really loyal fanbase in the UK for Note devices. The Note 4 takes things forward again. With the metal surround, it’s got design similarities with the new Galaxy Alpha, which for us is a recognition that a lot of our consumers are demanding that kind of premium finish.

“We’ve listened to what our consumers have said about S Pen…”

“S Pen remains one of the key USPs of the Note range,” he adds. “But we’ve listened to what our consumers have said about it – what they love about it – and tried to enhance its functionality by making some of the services more intuitive and easy to access.

“That’s why we’ve brought ome of the S Pen and S Note features to the forefront of the device. Previously, these were two or three clicks away, but we’ve made the much more accessible. We’ve also introduced more pressure sensitivity within the pen, so you can – for example – replicate calligraphy-style writing by increasing or decreasing the pressure you put on the screen. It gives you a much more natural, analogue feel with the benefit of the digital format.”



With the unique S Pen stylus and a huge 5.7-inch display, the Galaxy Note 4 makes a big impression. It’s a phone built to help you get things done, which is why its powered by one of the most powerful quad-core mobile enginesfound in any phone, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (expandable by 128GB MicroSD card) at your disposal.

In short, it’s a mobile powerhouse. And it’s got us thinking: would the Note’s super useful S Pen stylus ever make its way to some of Samsung’s smaller phones?

“We’ve always listened to what our consumers tell us they want from our devices,” James tells us. “When we look at the value that S Pen provides, it’s within that really productive, immersive experience you get with a slightly larger screen, but we won’t rule out looking at different versions if that’s what people are asking for.”

Big screen, big battery

Phones with big screens need a lot of power, but the flip side of that is that a bigger phone means you have room for a much bigger battery than you can fit into smaller handsets. We asked James what’s more important, a big battery or a big screen?

“I think it’s both,” he replies. “They work very well together. From the feedback we’ve had, the screen certainly gives a really deep, immersive experience, and allows people to consume much richer video content on the go. In that light, the Note 4 plays incredibly well with Vodafone as you offer some phenomenal services like Sky Sports Mobile TV Netflix and Spotify. Along with 4G and the Note 4, with its big battery and display, it’s the ultimate device to compliment that content.


“When you combine what a large screen offers for this content, there’s obviously a greater demand on battery. And thankfully the Note 4 really delivers on both of those fronts.”

And to help push that battery even further, Samsung is keen to offload some of the hard work from your phone to your wrist…

“We think that wearables should enhance the smartphone experience…”

“We think that wearables should enhance the smartphone experience and build out of that,” he explains. “What our customers have told us is that they’re used to running with their phone and using their phone in the gym, but there are times when they’re out and about and don’t want to take their phone with them.

“Our new smartwatch, the Gear S, is a great device in that regard because it allows people to get the most out of the Samsung experience wherever they are. Gear S is our third generation of wearable tech, and by having a wearable that introduces connectivity, we’re freeing up people to use services on the go with or without their smartphone.”

Stay Notified… The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is coming to Vodafone very soon – stay tuned for all the latest as we get it. In the meantime, you can check out our full range of Samsung devices here.