With the Nokia Lumia 930 now available at Vodafone UK, our Community Champions have been getting to grips with it. And now it's time to check in with JeffKinn.


The new Nokia Lumia 930 has landed at Vodafone UK, replacing the stellar Lumia 925 from last year. But just how big of a step up is it? With every major company now updating their flagship phones on an annual basis, we all want to be sure that our new handsets are genuine jumps forward from the their predecessors – not just minor upgrades.


nokia-lumia-930-thumbNokia Lumia 930 available now!
The next iteration of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is here, and it’s being ushered in by a brand new flagship device: the beautiful Nokia Lumia 930…
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Is the Lumia 930 a big leap forward? Vodafone eForum Community Champion JeffKinn has spent time with both the Lumia 925 and the 930 to try and answer that very question. Here’s his expert opinion…

Brighter, crisper, bigger, better

jeff kinn“Last year I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Nokia Lumia 925,” Jeff says. “I was impressed with the phone and really enjoyed using it. Now I’ve had a chance to use the Nokia Lumia 930, though, and there is no doubt that this latest Lumia offering is a distinct improvement on its baby brother.”

First up, what’s different in terms of pure hardware?

“The first thing I noticed about the 930 was its colour; the model I have is a really bright green [the other colours are orange, white and black]. Also the 930 is a little larger than the 925 at 5 inches, compared to 4.5 inches. I like a larger phone so the extra size suits me quite well. I think they’re both very attractive phones, and the 930 will certainly appeal to both younger and older smartphone users alike.

“It didn’t take very long to work out that the 930 has a number of improvements over the 925, and in terms of hardware the 930 has two major enhancements: the screen resolution and the camera. Not only is the screen bigger, but it has a higher resolution and is full 1080p, which means it’s like an HD TV picture. This makes everything look more vibrant and crisp and – given that we increasingly use our phones for looking at photos either on Facebook or ones we have taken ourselves – it’s very good.

“The other big improvement is the camera. I’m not a great photographer, but having a 20 megapixel camera and smart software features certainly helps a lot.”

930 competition main

“The one thing that we would all like to see improved in all smart phones is battery life,” says Jeff. “It’s never enough. The 930 has tried to address this point by bundling in a larger battery, 2420mAh up from 2000 in the 925, and the extra capacity certainly helps in day-to-day use.

Another area that smartphone users like to debate over is whether or not a phone should have the option to include an external memory card. The 930, like the 925, doesn’t give us that option, but Nokia has increased the onboard memory from 16GB to 32GB, which should satisfy most users. There are lots of other upgrades that the 930 sports over the 925 – a faster processor, more memory and more, but all most of us need to know is that the phone is faster and easier to use with, no lag and a bucket of new features.”

It’s what’s inside that counts

All told, Jeff sounds pleased with the wealth of improvements Nokia’s made when it comes to the Lumia’s hardware. But what about the software? The Lumia 930 comes with Windows Phone 8.1 – the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. How has the overall experience improved since Jeff’s time with the Lumia 930?

“The newest version of Windows Phone has really built on the solid foundations that we saw on the 925 last year,” Jeff tells us. “It’s now maturing into a mobile operating system to rival Android and iOS.”

“I appreciate having the ability to customise backgrounds, colours and all of the phone’s sounds.”

“I know that most people don’t change their homescreens too much, and leave them alone once they have them how they like them, but I like to play around with the look and feel of the phone quite a lot. With that in mind, I appreciate having the ability to customise backgrounds, colours and all of the phone’s sounds. The live tiles that change dynamically are a great idea, and they make sure that the phone never looks the same twice.

“The 930 has more options for themes and background colours than the 925 did, and these enhancements definitely meet with my approval.

“On top of this, the availability of apps for the Lumia range has also changed a lot since I last used Windows Phone. There are now many more apps covering key areas of modern life (things like online banking and travel), and I couldn’t really find anything missing that I could get on other ecosystems.

“Overall,” Jeff says in closing, “I would say that the 930 is a very worthy successor to the 925, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s either thinking of getting their first smartphone, or who’s thinking of changing to a new type.”

What do you think? If you’ve got a Lumia 930 in your hand right now, let us know what you think of Windows Phone 8.1 in the comments section below. You can pick up a Lumia 930 on a Red 4G plan from vodafone.co.uk now.