If you'd like to hand your phone to your kids and be sure that they won't do anything untoward, here's why Guest Mode on the LG G3 could be the answer...

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For parents, handing your smartphone over to your children can be a bit of a gamble. Mobile tech is a great way to keep young ones entertained, but how can you be sure that they’re not going to do anything they shouldn’t?


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With the new LG G3 storming the smartphone charts, we’ve been talking to LG’s Shaun Musgrave about the tricks LG has up its sleeves to keep children safe, secure and – more importantly – educated when using their parents smartphone. Is LG Guest Mode the secret weapon you’ve been looking for?

Three taps to safety

“Smartphones offer a great way for families to communicate and be entertained, however when introducing technology to children for the first time, we understand parents need to ensure that their private information and their children are protected. We at LG want to give parents peace of mind when they let their children play on their phones,” says Shaun, “but we’re taking a different approach to some of the manufacturers.”



“Last year when we introduced the LG G2, Guest Mode was one of its key features. We want parents to feel that they can hand their smartphone to their children, safe in the knowledge that only suitable information will be accessible. With Guest Mode, parents can set up unique sequences of three to eight taps, which will unlock totally separate spaces on the same device. For example, one sequence could only unlock restricted access to text messages, the internet or social networks – all at the parent’s discretion.”

“It’s a way of sectioning off areas of the phone to only let certain people access certain things.”

That sequence of taps is called a ‘Knock Code’, but Guest Mode can be activated through a unique pattern or pin, too. The idea is that a specific knock, pin or pattern will unlock the full phone, while an alternative set up for children or friends will open Guest Mode – a child-safe space. It’s essentially a way of sectioning off areas of the phone to only allow certain people access certain things:

“It’s managed purely by the parent or guardian,” Shaun explains. “so that the main user can specifically define which apps the child can gain access to, and they can set the security level to the browser and different apps too. This way, it’s the job of the parent to decide exactly what apps children can access when using the phone.”

Locked and learned

Guest Mode allows LG G2 and G3 owners to stock a section of their phone with child-friendly apps and games, safe in the knowledge that those little fingers won’t be making accidental purchases or firing off embarrassing social media statuses for example. That’s an invaluable tool for parents with young children, but we wanted to know Shaun’s thoughts on the nature of those apps and games. Should phones be more than just distractions?

“Absolutely,” he says. “I think there’s definitely a responsibility for mobile manufacturers to help parents here. We need to work together with parents to ensure that children have a safe environment in their virtual space, but handsets shouldn’t just be there for a social element, they are first and foremost communication tools and offer additional educational benefits.

lg smart world

“To that end, we have an apps portal called LG Smart World, where we highlight applications built primarily for children, or that have been built specifically for LG devices, and that are educational. One of these is a series of Avatar books for children that puts the child’s face on that of the main characters. There are songs, puzzles and more, but overall it’s a fun environment from which they can learn.”

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“Mobile manufacturers need to ensure that the virtual space of the phone is as safe and educational as possible,” Shaun says in closing, “and give parents as many tools as possible to make that the case.”

G3 Me… The LG G3 is available on any of our Red 4G plans from Vodafone UK. If you like the sound of Guest Mode, coupled with a brilliant 5.5-inch Quad-HD display and powerful quad core processor, click here to order yours. You can read all about it right here.