Fancy taking up a Red 4G plan with an added bonus? For a limited time we're offering you the choice of not one, but two content bundles...

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Ultrafast Vodafone 4G is undoubtedly speedy, but the big thing that’s always set us apart from the pack is that choosing a Red 4G plan unlocks a world of on-demand content. Whether it’s millions of tracks available at your fingertips from Spotify, live matches from Sky Sports Mobile TV, or award-winning TV shows and films on Netflix, we’ve always had you covered when it comes to 4G Entertainment. And now things are getting even better.

From 12 September until 3 November, anyone signing up to Vodafone 4G will get 6 months of Netflix bundled in at no extra cost, as well as the choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium. Plus all the UK data you can eat for the first three months! That’s two content partners thrown in together, and more than enough data to squeeze the best out of them on the move. Sound good? Read on for all the details.

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It’s really simple: buy one of our Red XL or Red XXL 4G plans, all of which come with unlimited texts and minutes and a heap of monthly data, between 12 September and 3 November and in addition to your choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium, we’ll give you six months of Netflix access at no extra cost. And the offer is available on all devices – current and yet to be launched – on Red XL and Red XXL Red 4G plans.

TV shows, movies and music? Or TV shows, movies and sports? It’s your decision, but either way you’ll end up with double the entertainment.

“We want to give customers a really good reason to want a new 4G phone, and to really love having it with Vodafone…”

“We want to give customers another really good reason to want a new 4G phone,” says Vodafone’s Steph Naughton, “and to really love having it with Vodafone UK. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best content partners you can get with ultrafast 4G: Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV and Netflix.

“Customers are telling us they really enjoy having access to this fantastic content, and that the uptake of our 4G entertainment bundles shows that, so we’ve decided to make the offer even stronger offering double content and double the choice, to really help them make the most of 4G.”

Need a bit of help deciding which combination to go for? No problem: Click the link below for a look at what’s coming up on Sky Sports, Spotify and Netflix this month…


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Having difficulty choosing your Vodafone 4G content partner? Take a look at what’s coming up this month on Spotify, Sky Sports and Netflix to help you make your decision…
Click here for the full rundown


To sweeten the deal, Vodafone Data Test Drive is there to help you get to grips with streaming and the mobile web by offering unlimited UK data for the first three months of your plan. That means you can stream movies, music, sports and much more without worry, and – with the help of the My Vodafone app for smartphones – get a feel for how much data your Red 4G plan allows in the process. Click here for more info on that.

Sign me up… Twice the content and three months of unlimited UK data at no extra cost? It’s too good to miss. Check out for more information on our 4G network and services. Click here for more information on our double content offer.

Offer ends 03.11.14. Excludes business plans. Min. term contract, credit check and compatible device apply.  Sky Sports 1&2 only and Sky Sports News HQ only. Content may vary. NetflixOffer is valid for 6 months of the 2 stream Netflix service (total cash value GBP 41.94). For existing Netflix users, GBP 41.94 will be credited to their Netflix account. Netflix activation code expires 31 March 2015. 4G: Limited coverage. See