4G on Pay as you go is here. Read on to find out how you can get access to our ultrafast 4G network at a price to suit you.


4G on Vodafone Pay as you go has arrived. As of today, we’re making it possible for everyone with a 4G compatible handset to get in on the action at a price to suit them.


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The Vodafone Smart 4 turbo has just landed at Vodafone UK on 4G Pay as you go. But how do you make a high end phone at a wallet friendly price?
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To find out why 4G on Vodafone is different from our competitors, what’s on offer with Pay as you go, and how you can now feel the extra oomph of 4G from just £79 with Freedom Freebees from £20, we’ve been talking to Vodafone’s Senior Product Manager, Gurvinder Sidhu. Read on for all the details…

Four reasons for Vodafone 4G

So why choose 4G on Vodafone Pay as you go? What makes us special? According to Gurvinder, there are four big reasons:

“First and foremost is our network,” he tells us. “We’re investing £1 billion in our network this year. That will differentiate us over time – we want to be known as the best network for streaming video, and have the best indoor coverage. Secondly, we’ve got a great line up of our most affordable ever 4G Pay as you go devices.”

The most affordable of these is the new Vodafone Smart 4 turbo, which is powerful, fast, and now available for just £79 on 4G Pay as you go, when bought with a £20 Freedom Freebee . “The phones on offer don’t compromise on quality,” Gurvinder says, “but their affordability means that our 4G technology is now much more accessible to all kinds of Vodafone customers.”

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The third reason? “We’re really competitive on data allowances.” And he’s not wrong. Your £20 Freedom Freebee will give you 2GB of UK data on 4G, unlimited texts and 500 minutes. And on top of that, we’ll give you unlimited UK data for the first 30 days with your first Freedom Freebee with 4G to help you find your feet.

“So you’ve got a great network, great devices and really competitive allowances that allow you to get the most out of your phone,” Gurvinder says. But there’s something else, too:

“The final thing is that we’ve got amazing content. As well as 4G, our £30 and £40 Pay as you go Red Freedom Freebees bring you the choice of Sky Sports or Spotify Premium included, just as you do with Vodafone Pay monthly. We believe we are the best when it comes to including content, with both 4G on Pay as you go and Pay monthly.”

A fundamental change

Gurvinder explains that bringing 4G to Pay as you go – along with big allowances and strong content offerings – is big news because it marks a shift in the smartphone landscape as a whole:

“4G fundamentally changes the way a customer can use their phone…”

“4G fundamentally changes the way a customer can use their phone,” he explains. “We’ve moved from voice and text, to 3G being the backbone of the mobile internet, to now – with 4G being all about streaming content. 4G for us is all about being best for video and best for music. With the speeds and allowances of our 4G network, you can really use your phone as an entertainment device in a way you never could before.

“With that in mind, I think our 4G on Pay as you go offering is perfect for people who want to make the most of their life and use their smartphone to do so – it’s not just something they use for voice and text. With our competitive data allowances and content on both Vodafone 4G on Pay as you go and Pay monthly, you can get to a place where your phone becomes more than just a phone – it becomes an entertainment device that’s integral to your life.”

Ready to go ultrafast? If all this sounds like music to your ears, then you can now pick up a Vodafone Smart 4 turbo on Pay as you go for just £79, when bought with a £20 Freedom Freebee with 4G. Check out all our 4G Pay as you go offers right here.