Win the Vodafone 24 competition and you'll win an internship at Vodafone HQ. So how have our latest group of winners been getting on? Watch their video diary to find out.


Earlier in the year we ran our second Vodafone 24 competition – a unique ‘createathon’ that sees teams of university students battle it out to invent something brilliant in just 24 hours. Our winners – team Lincoln Valentinos – have gone on to intern at Vodafone HQ, but that’s just the beginning of the story.


vodafone 24 thumb2The return of the one-day createathon
Vodafone 24 gives teams of students just 24 hours to invent something brilliant. With the second ever competition all done and dusted, we’ve been getting the inside story…
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The boys are now looking to take their idea, smart eCigarette Relieve, all the way to production, and videographer Sasha Tucker is creating a video diary of their experience. We’ve caught up with Sasha to find out how he’s found life at Vodafone, and the team’s next steps are…

A surprising prize

Winning one of our Vodafone 24 competitions will land you and your team an internship at Vodafone HQ in Newbury. Now that Sasha and the rest of team Lincoln Valentino are over the halfway mark on their eight week placement, how has he found life on campus?

“It’s not all suits and ties, as I was expecting, and the HQ itself has a bit of a university campus feel.”

“It’s not really what we were expecting,” he says. “The biggest surprise is that life at Vodafone is a lot more casual than I thought it would be. Things like the flexible working hours and working wherever you want to work are great touches. It’s not all suits and ties, as I was expecting, and the HQ itself has a bit of a university campus feel.

“Everyone’s really enjoying it. We’re all working in areas that vaguely relate to what we studied at university, but we’ve had to apply our skills in a totally different way, and to different areas. The overall experience has been really good. Everyone’s really friendly, and we get on with all the members of the different teams really well. It’s been a big change from university, but it’s been great.

“A few of us are now looking at the graduate scheme as an option for when our internship ends – we’d love to stay at Vodafone.”

Reliving Relieve

On the sidelines, Sasha and the rest of the team have been hard at work trying to turn their winning Relieve concept into a reality. To help spread the word, they’ve begun a video diary series called ‘Internity’, which also chronicles their time at Vodafone HQ. Here’s the first episode:



“We’re at the stage at the minute where we’re redesigning the initial technical drawings we made for the competition,” Sasha explains. “They’re being re-rendered, and we’re trying to approach various companies to see who would be interested in taking the idea on.

“We’re trying to get as much exposure as we can to get the ball rolling…”

“The problem we’re having is that we haven’t got any sort of capital to invest in Relieve, and we need someone else to help us with that. That’s what the video diary is for – we’re trying to get as much exposure as we can to get the ball rolling. We want as much interest as we can get.

“The next video diary is in production now,” he says in closing, “and the next steps for Relieve is to continue approaching companies, and continue to promote it. We’re about to start our social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and a blog that we all contribute to.”

We’ll catch up with Sasha and the rest of the Lincoln Valentino team to see how they’re getting on very soon. Watch this space.

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