As new research shows that parents want to stay more up to date with technology, find out how we're doing our bit to help.


Being a parent in a digital world can be a challenge and it can often feel like your children are racing ahead of you in terms of digital know-how.

If you’re parent and are keen to understand more about the role mobile technology is and can play in your family life, you’re by no means alone as our new research shows…

Don’t feel left behind

We’ve partnered with The Parent Zone to survey 1000 parents and assess the impact of the digital generation gap.

A huge 63 percent of parents surveyed feel that the rate at which technology is evolving is widening a gap between them and their children, and a third wish they had more experience with smartphones, computers and social networks so that they could be more involved in their kids play and communication.

On top of that, a big proportion of parents in the survey believe that school and homework is excluding them through their use of things like tablets. 20 percent feel it’s hard to share creative digital experiences with their children; 20 percent suggest that their children’s homework excludes them from digital activities, and half of those surveyed say they only share in these sorts of digital homework activities ‘very occasionally’.

All in all, there’s clearly work to be done…

Making a change


But it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it. At Vodafone, our work with some of the UK’s biggest parenting and online safety organisations has helped us to bring together a wealth of expert advice for parents to stay informed, get up to date and turn technology from an unknown entity to a brilliant communication and creative asset. And because we work closely with these organisations, we know it’s working.

“We’ve got a raft of free tools to help bring parents up to speed.”

We’ve got a raft of free tools, talks and guides to help bring parents up to speed – the latest of which is the 2014 edition of the Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide. Updated regularly, it’s an exhaustive look at the digital parenting landscape, and we’re on a mission to get it in front of more people.

To achieve this, we’re working with The Parent Zone to get hundreds of thousands of extra copies of the guide into schools and other public bodies this year. And you can read the whole thing online for free by clicking the link below:


dpgthumbVodafone Digital Parenting guide
Time to scrub up on your online knowledge! Here are some useful things you need to know to help your kids get the best out of tech in the safest way possible.
Click here to read or download the online guide


The Digital Parenting Guide is just one piece of the family puzzle, though. We’re also hard at work on a range of resources for schools that encourage a ‘take home and share’ element to digital activities, and we’ve lots more on this to follow.

Step-by-step guidance

Looking for even more even more help? Check out Vodafone Social’s Family Zone section or take a look at some of our other resources below:


guardian app thumbVodafone Guardian app
The Vodafone Guardian is a parent’s best friend, acting as a layer of control between your child and any potential online and SMS dangers.
Click here for a Vodafone Guardian app walkthrough


guide thumbMini guides
Whether it’s keeping Google safe, setting up parental controls on consoles or reporting inappropriate content, our range of simple, step-by-step tech guides are here to help.
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Happy families… There’s much more info on digital parenting to come, so stay tuned to Vodafone Social. For everything else family-related, check out our Family Zone.