Having difficulty choosing your Vodafone 4G content partner? To help you make your decision, take a look at what's coming up this month on Spotify, Sky Sports and Netflix.

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July’s been a scorcher, but now it’s given way to August, which can mean only one thing: it’s time to take a look at what’s going to be big in 4G Entertainment over the next few weeks.


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Each month we scour Spotify, Sky Sports and Netflix – our content partners for 4G – to uncover a list of unmissable highlights and suggested viewing or listening. That’s because when you choose a Vodafone Red 4G plan, you get the choice of either a Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or Netflix subscription included as part of your plan.

Choosing between them will probably be a tough choice if you’re big on sports, music, and the silver screen alike, so to help you make that tricky decision, here’s what’s coming up in August on each service…

Sky Sports Mobile TV

new sky sports thumbFootball fans know what August means in the sporting calendar: the long wait is over, the boots come back on and the football season begins once again. As you would expect as the home of football, Sky Sports has the lion share of top games and headline fixtures from the Barclays Premier League, all live and exclusive and ready to stream straight to your smartphone or tablet.

The top flight action kicks off on 16 August with the top four from last season all playing in one weekend. There’s Arsenal vs Crystal Palace on the 16th, while other highlights include Newcastle Utd vs Manchester City on 17 August, Everton vs Chelsea on 30 August and Spurs vs Liverpool on 31 August. The Sky Bet Football league gets going even earlier, with Blackburn Rovers vs Cardiff City on 8 August.

Not into football? Keep your calendar clear for a busy month of Cricket. The 4th and 5th Test between England and India are 7-11 August and 15-19 August, while the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ODI matches happen on 25, 27 and 30 August respectively – all exclusive to Sky Sports. There’s also tennis from the US Open at the tail end of the month.

Spotify Premium

new spotify thumbSpotify’s Browse section is your one-stop shop for finding music to suit any mood or situation. The company’s experts are continually delving deep into is 20 million+ tracklist and curating playlists to fit any scenario. In the past month they’ve added two more categories to the ‘Genre & Mood’ section: Dinner and Sleep. In Sleep, you’ll find a huge list of playlists hewn from relaxing, dreamy music designed to help you drift off, while in Dinner, there’s a myriad moods and types of tunes to go for.

“Dinner can mean a lot of different things,” says the Spotify Blog. “It’s a three course meal with sparkling champagne, hot pancakes with ice cream or cold pizza on the couch in front of the TV. But food is not the whole experience – it is what you build around it that counts. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dinner is certainly the least predictable. We want you to have the best possible dinnertime, whether you’re home alone with a sandwich, or out and about surrounded by all of your best friends.”

Here are just a few dinner playlists to get you started:

1. Dinner with Friends

2. The Perfect Italian Dinner

3. Reggae BBQ

In music news, July saw the sad death of Tommy Ramone, the last remaining member of seminal Punk rock band the Ramones. The band’s entire back catalogue is available to stream on Spotify, including remasters and live albums, so why not spend August celebrating one of the most influential groups in rock history?


new netflix thumbNetflix has fantastic TV shows and films to stream whenever you’re ready, and wherever you’ve got a mobile data signal or WiFi. If you choose it as your entertainment pack for your Red 4G plan you’ll be able to stream as you go on your smartphone, but you can pause and pick up Netflix on a huge range of devices, from tablets to games consoles.

The catalogue of TV shows and movies is ever growing, but you can check out the latest releases here, and see a quick Instagram video of the month’s highlights here.

Your Netflix subscription brings you the chance to watch shows like the award winning House of Cards and Breaking Bad. Another one to watch out for is acclaimed horror-thriller whodunit series Hemlock Grove, the second season of which landed in July. All episodes of season one and two are available to watch now, which means you can take your time or binge on all at once.

Are you on #4G Entertainment? Let us know which of our Vodafone Red 4G Entertainment packs floats your boat using the comments section below. You can find out more about each service here.