Fancy sending the videos, pictures and movies from your favourite apps on your phone to your TV? That's exactly what Chromecast lets you do...

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Our smartphones are increasingly capable of incredible things – from connecting us to friends and family around the world to playing console-quality games and taking amazing quality photos. But did you know that yours could also be the media centre for your entire living room?


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As of today, Vodafone stores up and down the UK are stocking Chromecast and if you’re a new or existing Red 4G customer, you can pick one up for just £25 – that’s £5 less than you’d normally pay, and one of the many advantages Red 4G customers benefit from. But what is Chromecast? And what smart superpowers can it bring to your TV? Read on to find out.

Dawn of the smart living room

Not heard of Chromecast before? It’s a small device from Google that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and lets you send video, pictures, music and more from your phone to the big screen wirelessly.

Just connect your Chromecast, set it up with a simple mobile app, and as long as you’re connected to your home WiFi network you’ll be able to fling things to your TV from an Android Phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, or from the Chrome Browser on your laptop. See it in action below:



So what kind of things can you cast? Chromecast works with an ever-growing number of mobile apps and services including Netflix – one of the great content choices available to Vodafone Red 4G customers – BBC iPlayer and YouTube, as well as Google Play Movies and Google Play Music. The list of compatible apps is growing and you can see it here – all you need to do is navigate to what you want to watch or listen to on your phone, tablet or laptop, click on the Chromecast button and it’ll land right on your TV.

You can then pause, skip and rewind the action from your phone, using it as the remote control.

“Chromecast works with a growing number of apps, including Netflix…”

The best thing is that while your phone is beaming videos to your TV, you can still do other things like send texts, check Facebook and even play games. And you won’t drain your battery, either, because none of the raw computing for casting is done in your actual phone – the Chromecast itself does all the legwork.

If all that sounds like exactly what your living room needs, Chromecast is now available in your nearest Vodafone store for just £25 for new and existing Red 4G customers alike, and for £30 for everyone else, and we think it’s a great piece of kit to add to your home.

We’ll have more on Chromecast very soon on Vodafone Social, including an in-depth look at how it’s the beginning of a revolution in making your home smarter, and in making your phone the very centre of your connected living room. Stay tuned.

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