The Vodafone eForum Community Champions have been getting to grips with the new Lumia 930, but what are their initial thoughts on the new Windows Phone flagship?


Missed the news? The Nokia Lumia 930 has just come bursting out of the factory gates in a multitude of brilliantly bright hues, and is now available in store at Vodafone UK. As per usual, we’ve given a few of the Vodafone eForum Community Champions a device to try out, and now it’s time to see what their first impressions are.


nokia-lumia-930-thumbNokia Lumia 930 available now!
The next iteration of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is here, and it’s being ushered in by a brand new flagship device: the beautiful Nokia Lumia 930…
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Nabs and Tim (AKA TheSoupDragon) have each spent a couple of days with the Lumia 930, and they’re all suitably impressed with the new Windows Phones 8.1 flagship. Read on to find out why…

Tim (TheSoupDragon)

Tim_Jones“The colours Nokia has chosen for the rear of the Lumia 930 are very striking,” says Tim. “My device came in a lime green, my wife and youngest daughter fell in love with the colour immediately. The build quality is superb too, with a polycarbonate rear, an anodised aluminium bezel and bevelled Gorilla Glass to the front. It’s funky, industrial and chic all rolled into one.”

So Tim’s impressed with the hardware, but what about the software?

“Windows 8.1 is a huge improvement over the Windows 8 that I experienced with the Lumia 925,” Tim reveals. “Everything feels more polished and fully-featured. The Android-style pull down notification blind, called Action Centre, is a welcome addition, and the user experience is massively improved by it’s inclusion. ‘Tap to Wake’, meanwhile, remains one of my favourite features of Windows Phone.

“I was also surprised to note that Bluetooth seems to use no power at all until the 930 connects to my car’s Bluetooth system, so I’ve had no need to turn Bluetooth off when not in use. This is really amazing to me, and I’m sure this will interest people who spend a lot of time driving connected to their cars’ handsfree system.”


Lastly, as a keen photographer, Tim’s keen on some of the Lumia 930’s more advanced camera features.

“I was really excited to see the option to take ‘bracketed’ photos, which is three photos taken in succession: one underexposed, one normal and one over exposed. I will be keen to pop some of these images into Adobe Lightroom to merge into one perfectly exposed image.

“I was also surprised to see the option to take a 5MP + 16MP DNG image. Basically, that means that the Lumia 930 is able to shoot in RAW format with zero compression, keeping every the information that the sensor picks up intact.

“I was a huge fan of the 925,” Tim says, “and so far I’ve not been disappointed by the 930.”


nabsJust like Tim, Nabs starts off by mentioning the unmissable: the 930’s vividly coloured back. “The first thing you notice about the Lumia 930 is its colour. From the front it looks like any other Nokia smartphone: large black glass screen and the standard array of physical and touch buttons on the side and front of the device. But when you turn the phone over to look at the back you might get a shock – the polycarbonate rear of the phone is very brightly coloured (green in my case), and it’s certainly eye-catching.”

But the shock of colour on the Lumia 930’s rear isn’t the only hue that has grabbed Nabs’ attention:

“When you switch the 930 on and you get a crisp bright screen that’s very clear and produces great colours. After working through the reasonably easy to follow setup guide, you get presented with the Windows 8.1 tiled user interface. Again this is full of brightly coloured tiles, which instantly pick up various pieces of information from my different social media and email accounts.”



“Windows 8.1 addresses many of my previous usability concerns too, so I’m looking forward to seeing just how much of an impact Microsoft’s changes have made.

“The only potential downside, which isn’t really a downside to be fair, is that phone feels slightly heavy. But this is clearly a sign of the fantastic build quality that traditionally comes with Nokias, and is something I’d be more than happy to live with. Overall,” says Nabs, “it’s a very nice device and a great step up from the Lumia 925.”

Sounding good? The Nokia Lumia 930 is available now from your nearest Vodafone store. For all the specs, details and info you need, check out our news post here.