The Nokia Lumia 930 is available right now in Vodafone UK stores. We think it's a worthy Windows Phone 8.1 flagship, but what does the media have to say?


We think that the Nokia Lumia 930 is set to become the manufacturer’s best Windows Phone device to date, with great design, the slick features of Windows Phone 8.1 and fantastic imaging capabilities to boot. But what do those who review phones every day think?


nokia-lumia-930-thumbNokia Lumia 930 available now!
The next iteration of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is here, and it’s being ushered in by a brand new flagship device: the beautiful Nokia Lumia 930…
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Earlier this week we were invited to the Lumia 930’s launch event in London, where we caught up with some of the web’s top tech journalists to get a professional opinion on the Lumia 930, and what makes it stand out amongst heated competition. Read on to find out what the experts think…

Nokia Lumia 930: Media reactions

So what do those in the know make of Nokia’s latest flagship? Check out some of their thoughts below, along with an exclusive hands-on video from the Vodafone Tech Team

Gareth Beavis | TechRadar
“The Lumia 930 is another iconically designed phone from Nokia and Microsoft, and is undoubtedly the best Windows Phone device out there at the moment. The PureView camera and the onboard suite of Bing and Here apps is welcome too, and while the apps list is still too short, it’s a solid phone that slightly undercuts a lot of the competition in price.”

Mike Lowe | Pocket-Lint
“This is the best Windows Phone device that we’ve seen so far. The thing that makes it stand out is that it’s really well built – some of it’s competitors have flimsy plastic backs, for instance, but this is really solid. And also the screen is great. It’s a full 1080p screen that’s bright, crisp and really decent. In terms of Windows Phone, this is the best device you can get on the market.”



Michael Sawh | Trusted Reviews
“It’s taken some time but the Lumia 930 finally feels like a Windows Phone that can compete with the likes of the iPhone 5S and big Android phones like the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. I’ve grown to love the phone’s insanely bright polycarbonate back, and despite the chunky body, it feels like a phone that’s built to last.

“It’s got plenty of processing power to keep things running smoothly…”

“It’s got plenty of processing power to keep things running smoothly, a bright 5-inch Full HD screen which is great for watching video, and the PureView camera is capable of taking really impressive photos. The most impressive feature of all is Windows Phone 8.1, which is evolving into the kind of operating system that – with a few more tweaks and apps in the Window Store – can start gaining some big ground on iOS and Android.”

Libby Plummer |
“The Nokia Lumia 930 is the most convincing argument for Windows Phone we’ve seen so far. A slick design, a fantastic screen, wireless charging and a superb 20MP camera combine to make this a great handset. There’s still some catching up to do when it comes to apps, but remember that the 930 will cost you around £100 less than its iOS and Android rivals.”

Get yours! The Nokia Lumia 930 is available now in Vodafone stores. For all the specs, info and details you need, click here.