If you're about to head on holiday, we've got some great news: Vodafone WorldTraveller is here to help you stay in touch from a huge range of countries around the world.


Earlier this summer we introduced a new offer for Vodafone EuroTraveller, lowering the cost of using the minutes, texts and data from your Vodafone UK plan when you’re in a host of European countries.


roaming holiday1How does roaming work?
Ever wondered how your texts make it home safe and sound?
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But some people like to head further afield, so now we’re making it easier and more affordable for those intrepid travellers too, with the introduction of Vodafone WorldTraveller. Read on for all the details…

A whole new world



Although we like to switch off from things on holiday, many of us still want our phone at our side. Whether it’s finding new places to explore on Google Maps, sharing photos with your friends on Facebook or catching up with the news from back home, smartphones are fast becoming an essential item on the holiday checklist.

“You can use the minutes, texts and data from your UK price plan…”

Our new WorldTraveller plan is based on the same idea as EuroTraveller. That means for a set, affordable daily amount you can use the minutes, texts and data from your UK price plan when you’re in one of the countries in our WorldTraveller Zone, for standard calls and texts back to the UK or within the country you are roaming in.

For just £5 a day (based on the local time of the capital city of the country you are roaming in), you can use your minutes, texts and data from your UK plan in 9 countries and they are:

– Australia
– Brazil (available until 31 October 2014)
– Egypt
– Ghana
– India
– New Zealand
– Qatar
– South Africa

The great news is that you are only charged on the days that you use your phone in a WorldTraveller country. Even better, if you sign up to WorldTraveller and go over your allowance while you’re away, you will only be charged at the rate of your UK plan rather than the roaming rate in the country you’re visiting.

To opt in, text ‘ADD’ to 40508, or call us from your mobile on 5555. It’s that simple. For full terms and conditions, head to vodafone.co.uk/worldtraveller.

How does roaming work? Ever wondered how your calls and texts make it home from foreign vistas? Find out how roaming works here.