Whether it's Tech Team tricks or info on the latest and best in our phone lineup, these are the videos that've held your attention over the last month.

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Every month we stop to take a look at some of the big hitters on the Vodafone UK YouTube channel. Whether it’s an exclusive hands-on with the latest phones, top tips from the Vodafone Tech Team or info on a great new service, we hand pick five videos that have held your attention over the previous weeks and give them a fresh airing here on Vodafone Social.


guide thumbVodafone YouTube help videos go fully subtitled

We think our Vodafone help videos are a great way to learn more about our latest phones, which is why we want even more people to be able to enjoy them.
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One of June’s biggest stories was the arrival of the HTC One mini 2 – the pocket-sized brother to the stunning HTC One (M8). As such, the Tech Team have put together a host of help videos to guide you along the setup process. With a couple of those, information on our new EuroTraveller deal and a couple of new 4G Entertainment ads, June’s been a bit of a mixed bag…







June’s been a big month in mobile here at Vodafone, with the launch of two brand new Vodafone devices: the Vodafone Smart 4 and the Vodafone Smart Tab 4, so stand by for a host of new videos coming soon on how to get the most out of both.

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