We all want to do our bit for the environment, and now - thanks to our brand new eco-ratings - that can even extend to choosing the right smartphone...


Smartphone tech develops incredibly quickly, and we know that means more and more people are keen to upgrade to newer models whenever they can. But have you ever wondered what kind of impact the continually changing tech landscape has on the planet? At Vodafone we’re keen to do our bit for the environment, and that includes helping you make the right choices when it comes to sustainability.


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That’s why we’ve just introduced store-wide eco-ratings for smartphones and tablets on sale at vodafone.co.uk. Read on for the full story.

What’s the score?

Head over to vodafone.co.uk now to peruse our smartphone and tablet line up and you’ll see a new addition to their info pages: an eco-rating badge. A phone’s eco-rating is our way of letting you know how environmentally friendly and how sustainable each device is, and it’ll help you choose your next phone not only because of its amazing specs and looks, but because of how it’s made.

“You get a clear snapshot of how each phone compares…”

So how does it work? It really couldn’t be simpler: we’ve collated information about how each phone is designed, manufactured and shipped, and assigned each one a score between zero and five – five being the most environmentally friendly.

There are several things that determine each phone’s eco-rating, and we consider them all before making a verdict. Some of these factors include:

– Use of raw materials that have a high environmental impact
– The amount of energy and water used to produce the phone
– The distance and mode of transport used from production to assembly plant and Vodafone store
– Design features that reduce environmental impact
– How easy it is to recycle the phone.

With all that condensed into one simple score, you can get a clear snapshot of how each phone compares on an environmental level. That’s great, but it’s not the only thing we’re doing to try and reduce our carbon footprint…

A more sustainable network

At Vodafone, we’re doing our bit for mother nature in a variety of cool new ways because becoming a more sustainable network is right at the forefront of our business.


Last week, for instance, we revealed how Vodafone is investing more in sustainable energy by funding a brand new UK-based wind farm. That’s set to produce enough energy to power around 5% of the network you connect to, but did you know that Vodafone HQ is already at the forefront of power-saving technology? You can read all about our pioneering smart building tech here.

How much would the eco-rating affect your phone-buying decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Recycling your smartphone… If you’re looking to upgrade but want to give your old phone a good home, Vodafone BuyBack is the service for you. You can read all about the smartphone recycling programme here.