Read up on how we're investing a huge amount in renewable energy, and how it's going to change the network for good. A bit of breeze can go a long way...

wind farm

We’ve talked in the past about some of the measures Vodafone takes to reduce its impact on the environment, so when we heard about a new scheme to increase the amount of renewable energy fuelling our network, we were keen to bring you some more details.

We’ve got plans to increase the amount renewable energy that we use over the coming years, and a recent development means that process is now well underway. We caught up with Neil Andrews, the man behind the project, to find out more…

Easy Breezy

“Using sustainable power sources makes a huge amount of sense to us, and there’s a clear customer benefit too,” Neil explains. “As well as improving our environmental performance we can reduce our reliance on natural resources, which means we’re less beholden to the rising costs of more conventional fuels.

“The less we spend on power, the more money we have to improve the network…”

“The less money we spend on power, the more money we have available to deliver and improve the network, customer service and the customer experience. Energy supply is a bad thing to have to spend more and more money on, because you really want to be able to spend it on customers and to make things better for them.”

So more use of renewable energy to run our network is a win-win for Vodafone and our customers alike, but what exactly are we doing to make this happen?

wind farm 2

“We’ve formed a partnership with a company called EnergieKontor which plans to build a small onshore wind farm near Daventry in Northamptonshire,” Neil says. “The farm opens next summer (2015) and we’ve committed to buying all of the energy it produces for 15 years. We estimate the farm will produce enough energy to supply power to five per cent of our UK network.

“Vodafone’s investment has made sure the wind farm can be built and construction is already underway. What we learn from the project will also shape how renewable energy is used by Vodafone operating companies around the world, so it’s a really exciting for us to watch the project develop.”

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