Is 4G headed your way? Read up on all the latest from our network rollout, as ultrafast Vodafone 4G continues to speed around the UK this summer...

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We recently brought you news of the latest places to start feeling the benefit of our expanding 4G network and now we’re pleased to follow that with another update on our 4G plans over the summer, as the roll out continues at pace.


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Vodafone’s 4G network is here, but do you know all the facts?
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We’re making every effort to be as clear as possible about the scale of our roll out, making it clear up to three months in advance when we plan to switch the service on, when we start rolling 4G out and when it’s officially live – i.e. when enough people in a certain area can start to use it.

All the latest details can be found on our Network Coverage Checker but, now that we’re in June, there’s news of our next fleet of 4G towns and cities set to go live. Read on for all the latest…

Heading South

Our last update featured locations across the UK, with Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear amongst the many areas in which we’ve been building out our 4G network.

The work is set to continue throughout the summer, with a host of places in the South of England set to be switched on to 4G. Those places will be:

– Basingstoke,
– Bournemouth,
– Portsmouth,
– Reading,
– Southampton

More 4G Entertainment

netflix cafe

Oh, and are you a big TV show and film buff? We’ve got even more good Vodafone 4G news.

Our Red 4G plans have always included a choice of either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV and, come July, deciding which entertainment option you want in your plan is set to get a little bit tougher, in the nicest possible way.

That’s because we’ll be adding six months of access to Netflix as one of the 4G entertainment options on our Red 4G plans, meaning anyone signing up to a Red 4G plan over £26 per month or selecting their entertainment package between July and the end of December will be able to get a six month Netflix subscription in their plan at no extra cost. Sound good? Here’s all the info you need.

Making things transparent

On top of being clear about our 4G roll out plans, we’ve also made a fixed price promise.

That means you can be sure that the amount you pay for your price plan each month will not increase, provided you stay within your allowance. It applies to all monthly plans, from 30 day SIM Only to 24 month plans, and we hope that helps to put your mind at rest when it comes to managing your monthly outgoings.

You can read all about our fixed price promise here.

As well as that, we’re continually improving and updating both the Vodafone Coverage Checker and Network Checker, allowing you to see where scheduled maintenance and known faults are occurring on a handy map. You can also take at whether Vodafone 4G coverage has hit your town or city.

To explore for yourself, click the link below:


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Want to check if we’ve arrived in your area? Click the link below to find out if Vodafone 4G is available near you.
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All the info… For everything you need to know about Vodafone 4G, click here. To read up on what happens when we switch on a city, click here.