We're counting down the winners of this year's Vodafone 24 'createathon' challenge, and today it's time to look at the amazing idea that scooped third place.


Vodafone 24 – our unique 24 hour createathon – sees teams of university students battle it out to come up with an innovative new product or service for the mobile space in just one day. As we’ve already heard from competition creator Bryan Hill, this year’s entries set a new bar in quality, but what kind of innovative inventions made the cut?


vodafone 24 thumb2The return of the one-day createathon
Vodafone 24 gives teams of students just 24 hours to invent something brilliant. With the second ever competition all done and dusted, we’ve been getting the inside story…
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The second Vodafone 24 has now been and gone, leaving us with a brand new batch of third, second and first place winners. We’ll be showcasing each of those entries right here, and today it’s time to shine the spotlight on our third place winners: team Invicta.

We’ve been speaking to team member Ryan Clifford to find out more about the idea that won them a spot on the podium…

Team Invicta

invicta main

“Shakila Shammy and I are both studying the IT Management for Business degree at Queen Mary, University of London,” says Ryan. “The theme of the competition seemed to fit really well with that, as it allowed us to be creative with technology while applying it to business. It gave us the opportunity to be innovative, and the 24 hour time period seemed like a good challenge. Also, being first year students we just want to seize every opportunity we can.”

“Together, HBox and your phone do medical tests and analyse the results…”

So together, Ryan and Shakila formed team Invicta – a name they hoped would drive them to victory: “We struggled to think of a name at first. We tried mixing our names together but nothing sounded right and then I thought of ‘Invicta’; which is the Latin motto for undefeated or unconquered.”

With the name settled, they set to work, deciding to focus on dreaming up a product with very real health benefits:

“Our idea is a low cost ‘lab in a box’ called HBox, which attaches onto your mobile through the charger port to work alongside an app. Together, HBox and your phone then do medical tests and analyse the results, detecting early signs of illnesses and preventing diseases. The key selling point for our idea is that it’s one device that does multiple health checks, all non-invasively.”

Sounds like a doctor’s dream, right? You can check out team Invicta’s HBox below:


hbox thumbVodafone 24: Invicta
Read the full HBox report, see how it works and check out why it deserved a spot on the Vodafone 24 podium
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“We chose this idea because health issues affect everyone,” Ryan tells us, “and there’s still potential for so much innovation to happen in this industry.”

Learning curve

It’s a great idea, but how did the team manage it in such a small space of time?

“The toughest part of the challenge was thinking of an innovative idea quickly and being decisive about what direction to go in. We didn’t have the luxury of time to keep changing our minds,” Ryan explains. “It was a different experience to what we’re used to because we usually have enough time to change our ideas on a project.”

invicta screen

“The experience has helped us develop many skills like creativity, communication (both written and verbal) and researching/understanding the current market. The tight timing of the challenge has also helped me become more decisive, it’s fine-tuned my time management skills, and it’s sparked a newfound interest in innovation.”

On top of all that, taking part in the Vodafone 24 competition has changed Ryan’s views on Vodafone:

“I’d never really linked Vodafone and innovation together in the past, but this challenge has helped me to develop my skills, and I have Vodafone to thank for that. I’ll definitely be looking into Vodafone’s grad scheme.”

Who came 2nd? Keep it locked to Vodafone Social to find out who took 2nd place, and who our overall winners are. For more information on the Vodafone 24 createathon, click here.