When you're on the move it's important to be able to access mobile signal to help you stay in touch. Thankfully, we're making that a lot easier...


Take a look back through the virtual pages of Vodafone Social and you’ll see a fair few examples of how our network team is bringing signal to difficult places to keep you, our customers, better connected. From high speed trains to Europe’s tallest building, our engineers have innovative ways of bringing you more and better coverage and now we’ve got a few extra places and improvements to tell you about.


TheshardSignals in the Shard
Uncover the hidden work that ensures you can tweet your pics of the view from the 72nd floor of the Shard, Europe’s tallest building.
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We’ve been building on our current services and adding new ones, but there’s one thing that all our latest developments have in common: travel. Whether you’re a London commuter or a weekend channel-hopper, we’re helping you to make the most of your mobile on the move. Read on for the full details…



Whether you’re on your way to France or venturing further afield you can now get a full 2G and 3G Vodafone service in the Eurotunnel.

Vodafone customers will now be able to access our network when travelling through the North Running Tunnel, meaning that anyone heading from Folkestone to Calais via Eurotunnel will be able to makes calls, send texts and browse the web throughout the length of the journey under the English Channel.

“20 million people shoot through the Eurotunnel between the UK and mainland Europe every year…”

20 million people shoot through the Eurotunnel between the UK and mainland Europe every year, with the trains hitting speeds of up to 100mph along more than 30 miles of track, and all 100 metres under sea level. All of that means bringing reliable, consistent signal to the tunnel is no mean feat, but this is just the start: we’re planning to bring our ultrafast 4G to the tunnel in the future too.

You’ll be on the Vodafone UK network all the way through the tunnel, switching to roaming services when the train surfaces in France, at which point you’ll be able to take advantage of our EuroTraveller offer, giving you access to your UK minutes, texts and mobile data for a low flat fee per day. There’s more on that story here.

London Underground


We first announced the availability of free access for Vodafone customers to Virgin Media’s London Underground WiFi service back in 2012, and since then we’ve been continuing to improve the experience for our users.

We’ve now introduced new tech behind the scenes to make accessing the service easier for Vodafone UK customers. Up until recently, to use the London Underground WiFi service, Vodafone customers had to sign in with their My Vodafone credentials in order to connect, but our new system simplifies things and just means you need to switch your WiFi connection on.

“No more forms; just free WiFi to get your phone or tablet connected at 137 London Underground stations…”

Using new SIM-based tech, once your device’s WiFi is switched on, the network will detect that you’ve got a Vodafone UK SIM and will instantly connect you when your device is ‘awake’ and within range. That means no more forms; just free WiFi to get your phone or tablet connected at the 137 (and counting) London Underground stations now enabled with WiFi. All the info about the London Underground Wi-Fi service you can access as a Vodafone customer is available here.

There’s more to come from us on the transport front as our network engineers continue to develop new, innovative ways of keeping you connected throughout the day, so stay tuned for the latest stories.

The science bit… It’s not just transportation networks that can require a special approach to providing mobile coverage. Check out our backstage look at how we brought signal to The Shard, Europe’s tallest building.