There's a pretty big football tournament starting soon, you know. To celebrate, we're bringing a bunch of footie goodies to Vodafone Pay as you go Freebee Rewardz.

brazil goals

With the regular football season drawing to a close and the summer rolling in, football fans around the world are only talking about one thing. The world’s attention is about to be focussed on one place: Brazil.


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At Vodafone, we’re no less excited than anyone, which is why we’ve decided to spruce up the prizes on offer with our Vodafone Freebee Rewardz. Read on to find out how to get your hands on some top football-themed goodies…

Footie Goodies

Every time you top up with Vodafone Pay as you go, we’ll send you a text with a Freebee Rewardz code. Head to the Rewardz website and enter your code to gain Pointz, which you can then use to Grab great prizes, try for a Star prize, or choose to Grow your Pointz until you’ve got enough to splash them on a really big prize.

“We’re adding everything from football chocolates to speakers and TVs…”

Normally, our prizes range from sweets and chocolate, to MP3 speakers and phones accessories, all the way up to experiences and high street vouchers. But between 6 May and 13 July, we’re injecting a bunch of footballing goodness into the mix.

We’re adding everything from football chocolates to football speakers and TVs to help you get the most of the action, which means you’ll be in the perfect position to get everyone round to your place to watch the games and cheer on your national team. If you’re not big on football, don’t worry: our normal range of prizes will still be up for grabs, too.

As per usual, the more Pointz you collect, the bigger the prizes get, so question is: do you grab or grow?

Kick off! To find out more, and to register your Rewardz codes, check out the Vodafone Freebee Rewardz website here.