The Vodafone Network Status Checker has had a bit of a refresh, giving you the power to get updates and alerts sent straight to you...

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We’re on a mission to make every part of our network as transparent to you as possible. Whether it’s through explaining how a 4G rollout works, taking a look backstage at how we test our phones or simply by letting you know when there’s maintenance happening near you, we want to help you understand how everything at Vodafone ticks.


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And that line of thinking is exactly why the Vodafone Network Status Checker has just had a big update – one which makes it a much more accessible, powerful tool, and a one-stop shop for all your coverage questions. Read on for more.

Updates in your pocket

The Network Status Checker on the Vodafone website lets you input your postcode and view how the network is performing in a particular area, including information on both planned and unplanned maintenance, and any network issues we know about up and down the UK.

So far so good, but we wanted to make it even better. That’s why there’s now a big extra feature designed to bring the news to you.

As of now, if you’re checking for information on the network in your area you can subscribe to text and/or email alerts to get updates from us as soon as they’re available. That means less checking back for you and faster access to the latest information from us.

Check out the video below to see how the new-look Network Status Checker works:



On top of the ability to receive updates, we’ve made a host of behind the scenes changes that let us identify and manage faults much quicker and with more accuracy. That means that the Network Status Checker is still really simple and straightforward, but it’s also more powerful than ever.

Fancy checking it out for yourself? Click the link below:


status checker thumbThe Vodafone Network Status Checker
Keep up to date with maintenance near you, see what level of coverage you can expect and sign up for text or email alerts.
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