Planning your summer holiday? We've got two pretty big updates to EuroTraveller, the service that lets you bring your Vodafone plan with you. Read on for more...


If you’re going on holiday, you usually need to make sure to bring your passport, your sun cream and a good book or two. But did you know you can also take your UK mobile data, minutes and texts with you too?

Vodafone EuroTraveller, which works in 40 destinations in our Europe Zone, lets you do just that. We’ve explained all about EuroTraveller in the past on Vodafone Social, but now we’re making it even better by lowering the cost and adding ultrafast Vodafone 4G to the mix. And you don’t even need any extra room in your suitcase…

Ready for take-off

Whether you’re using online maps to navigate a new place, or looking up reviews for the best beachside restaurants, your smartphone can really shine when you’re away from home. That’s why EuroTraveller is such a great deal.

By texting ‘ADD’ to 40506, or calling 5555 from your Vodafone mobile, you can easily opt in to EuroTraveller for the whole time you’re abroad, letting you access and use your UK minutes, texts and mobile data as you would at home – all for a low, flat fee per day.

“From May until the end of August 2014 we’re dropping that fee from £3 to £2…”

From May until the end of August 2014 we’re dropping that fee from £3 to £2, and even better news is that we’re now offering 4G roaming in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. That means Vodafone Red 4G customers can use EuroTraveller to access ultrafast Vodafone 4G in these countries all for the price of an ice cream each day. Tasty!

EuroTraveller means you can avoid any nasty ‘bill shock’ when you get back home, and you can use your data allowance exactly as you would at home. And since all of our Red plans come with unlimited minutes and texts, you can chat away (and boast about the weather) to your heart’s content.



Not on Vodafone 4G? There’s definitely never been a better time to upgrade, but Vodafone Red 3G customers can feel the benefit of our spruced up EuroTraveller too. The new, lower price of £2 per day works just the same on 3G, letting you take your data allowance, minutes and texts abroad with you to 40 destinations in our Europe Zone.

For the full list of territories, click here. To opt in, simply call 5555 from your Vodafone phone, or text ‘ADD’ to 40506.

How does it work?

What goes into connecting a call from the UK to another country? And how does EuroTraveller work? We spoke to the people in the know at Vodafone to find out. Click the link below for the full story:


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All packed? You can find everything you need to know about Vodafone roaming services right here. For more information on our Vodafone Red 4G plans, click here.