Itching to get your hands on the HTC One (M8)? It's already been put under the microscope on some of the web's biggest tech sites. Here's what they think...

The HTC One (M8) is out in the wild, and it’s one of the most beautiful and powerful phones ever made. You can order yours on Vodafone Pay monthly right now, but before you do that, why not take a couple of minutes to see what those in the know think of HTC’s latest flagship?


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No need to go crawling the web for all that, though: we’ve brought the best of the tech press’s reviews to you. Read on to see what some of the web’s biggest names in tech have to say about the HTC One (M8)…

HTC One (M8) reviews

The Guardian

“As with last year’s One, HTC has done an outstanding job at creating a powerful, premium smartphone with great build quality and functions most people will actually use without gimmicks. The HTC One M8 is one of the best Android smartphones out at the moment. It is fast, slick and powerful, but still has great battery life. Its screen is one of the best ever fitted to a smartphone, while its all-metal build is unrivalled in the industry as are the BoomSound speakers.”
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The Verge
“It’s fast, long-lasting, does everything a phone should, and does it all with totally unparalleled class and style. From motion gestures to the Dot View case, it has genuinely new, genuinely useful features.”
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“The HTC One (M8) is a brilliant smartphone with very few flaws. Its main strength is design, but I don’t think that’s a negative thing as many brands still seem keen to race on specs rather than attracting users when they wander into a shop to a buy something for two years (at a rather high price). It doesn’t really skimp on specs though…and the audio capabilities, be it the Boomsound speakers or the music reproduction, are excellent.”
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“…the new One M8 is beautifully design and constructed, is fast and has a great display, uses one of the best manufacturer-customized interfaces we’ve seen in recent time, and delivers all that without demanding compromise on battery life. ”
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“HTC is passionate about smartphone design and you can see the consideration that has gone into the new HTC One. It’s difficult to criticise the quality of the solid build, which eclipses many other devices. It sticks very much to the concept behind the 2013 model, so if you own the older device, then you’ll love how the One has evolved in 2014.”
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Trusted Reviews
“The HTC One M8 deserves its position as the top Android phone in HTC’s line-up. After the questionable design choices made in the HTC One Max, the M8 corrects its course to become a phone that is a worthy successor to the HTC One, our phone of the year 2013.”
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“HTC is passionate about smartphone design and you can see the consideration that has gone into the new HTC One (M8).”

“The One (M8) is a great smartphone that does a lot of fantastic things. We can tell that the company listened to feedback, focused on areas that needed improvement and added some innovative new features that are actually useful along the way. The new design looks fresh and inviting; the Duo Camera’s new abilities are fun and useful (a rare combination, it seems); the performance is fantastic; battery life has improved…”
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