Thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Vodafone? Why not check out what some of the web's best tech journalists think now that they've had the time to review it?

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available at Vodafone UK, and it’s a bit brilliant. The 5.1-inch Android handset looks set to be one of the biggest phones of the year, but what does the web’s tech press think of it?


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The Android competition is pretty fierce right now, what with HTC and Sony each unveiling stunning flagship updates in recent weeks. If that choice leaves you in need an objective outside opinion on the Samsung Galaxy S5, look no further…

Samsung Galaxy S5: Reviews 


The Verge
“Make no mistake: this is a very good phone. And Samsung did nearly all the important things well. With a great screen, great battery life, and a good camera, the S5 leaves me with few reasons not to recommend it — and the waterproof body is a fantastic bonus.”
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“The Samsung staples are still here, and that’s excellent. That means that the screen is powerful, bright and a joy to watch movies on, be they HD or SD quality.”
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“…the Samsung Galaxy S5 hits all the important spec points: the camera is a great performer, the display is excellent, and hardcore games play fast and fluid thanks to the on-board power. Yes it might be a handset playing it safe, but there’s a huge amount of scope for the S5 to deliver beyond its current worth with ever-advancing apps. As it stands, with what we’ve got right now, this is still one excellent smartphone.”
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“We called the Samsung Galaxy S4 a thing of beauty and the S5 is even better. It feels better, looks better and does more than its predecessor. S Health is a great addition and a genuine alternative to other fitness and health apps out there. What’s more, the camera is much improved and the interface feels cleaner and less cluttered.”
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“It feels better, looks better and does more than its predecessor.”

“Chances are, you’ll be happy with the Galaxy S5 if you choose to buy it. It’s a solid upgrade to the Galaxy S4, with reasonable improvements to the design, software and camera.”
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Slash Gear
“The camera is solid and its new UI clean, and while the heart-rate sensor takes a little getting used to for finger positioning, once you’re familiar it’s a useful addition for those who want to track basic fitness without spending on a dedicated wristband. Water-resistance is something we find ourselves wishing every phone offered.”
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Got the S5 already? Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Galaxy S5 if you’ve already taken the plunge. If you’re in need of more info, we’ve got specs right here, and an exclusive interview with Samsung here.