As one of the perks of being a Vodafone eForum Community Champion, JeffKinn has spent the last few weeks checking out the Moto G. Here's his verdict...


Spend some time posting on the Vodafone eForum and you may well find yourself awarded the moniker of ‘Community Champion’. With that title comes the chance to be part of the Vodafone Device Loan Programme, which is how Community Champion JeffKinn managed to get his hands on the Motorola Moto G for a few weeks.


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We’ve already heard Jeff’s initial thoughts on the cheap-but-powerful Moto G, but now he’s had the time to really get to know it, we’ve gone back and asked for some of his favourite things. As well as that, Jeff’s offered up a top tip for anyone just getting started with Motorola’s Pay as you go marvel.

Thinking of buying a Moto G? Here are Jeff’s favourite things about it…

1. Vanilla Android

“The Moto G is supplied with the latest version of Android installed,” Jeff explains. “This is almost a so-called ‘vanilla’ version of Android, too, which means it’s devoid of the bells and whistles that many other manufacturers add to their devices, which I don’t tend to use. This means that the phone is much easier and more straightforward to use than many other devices.”

In fact, we spoke to Motorola about the company’s choice to use a near ‘vanilla’ version of Android, and they told us it was a very conscious decision. You can find out why that is here.

2. Quality Calling

“Making and receiving phone calls seems to be quite a basic function for a phone but it should never be overlooked,” says Jeff. “The Moto G makes finding a contact in your address book and calling them very easy – thanks largely to that use of stock Android. On top of that, the call quality of the Moto G is very good – it’s crystal clear.”

3. Stellar Battery

“Like many people, I often find battery life can be an issue with smartphones,” says Jeff. He’s right on the money, too; most mobile manufacturers are placing a huge amount of emphasis on improving battery life – something we’ve seen in new handsets from HTC, Samsung, Sony and Huawei of late. So how does the Moto G stack up? In Jeff’s experience, very capably.”


“It’s an issue I’ve experienced with lots of phones, but the Moto G seems to handle battery usage very well,” he tells us. “I found that with normal use the phone could easily last all day without having to worry about ending up with a flat battery.”

Top tip: Customise it

jeff kinnWhether you’ve just got your Motorola Moto G or you’re thinking of ordering one, Jeff’s got one basic tip to make the experience even better: customisation. While he lauds Motorola for its vanilla Android experience, Jeff says it’s well worth trying out different apps to replace some of the pre-installed ones: “Android is all about choice,” he explains, “and there’s a wealth of choice of apps in the Google Play Store for both basic and advanced functions.

“Android is all about choice…”

“New users shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different keyboard and text messaging apps, which can replace the ones that come built into the phone, until they find one they like.

“For instance, I think that Swiftkey is a great keyboard app. Another one I like is Swype. Likewise, I use Handcent SMS has a text messaging app. It’s very configurable and can also be used to save SMS/MMS messages to the cloud – the app is free but the cloud solution is an in app purchase.”

Sound good? You can read up on everything you need to know about the Moto G here. If you’re all clued up, you can buy yours from £100 on Vodafone Pay as you go here.