With the Vodafone Smart 4 mini and our brand new easily affordable smartphone range, getting a great smartphone on Pay as you go has never been easier.

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We’re always trying to find new ways to bring the power and capabilities of modern smartphones to people for the first time. Over the last year we’ve been regularly updating our line-up of Pay as you go smartphones, bringing you top handsets like the Motorola moto G at great prices. And now it’s time to reveal our latest additions.

Today we’re adding three new smartphones to the range, including the brand new and super powerful Vodafone Smart 4 mini, at a wallet-friendly price.

Helping you ‘Find Your Feet’

The Smart 4 mini is the latest addition to our range of affordable smartphones on Vodafone Pay as you go. The idea? To help you get your hands on a really capable smartphone at a low price, and to help you find your feet in to the world of smartphones at the same time.

To make things easier, we’ll give you 30 days of unlimited UK data when you activate your first Pay as you go Freedom Freebee on your new phone, so you can try out new apps, or share unforgettable moments.

Then, once you’ve worked out how many minutes, texts and how much data you’re going to need, there are plenty of great options to choose from with Freebees on Pay as you go. You can read up on our Find Your Feet offer here.

High power, low price

The Smart 4 mini is one of the most powerful Android phones ever to be considered ‘inexpensive’. Why so? Because underneath its 4-inch display sits a 1.3GHz dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM. It runs on Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2) and has a 3.2-megapixel camera. All that power means it’ll happily run loads of great apps from the Google Play store, as well as letting you whizz about on the internet. And the best bit? it costs just £50 on Pay as you go when bought with a £10 Freedom Freebee.

“We’ve made sure that there’s a Pay as you go smartphone to suit everyone…”

That’s great value, but it’s not your only new option when it comes to taking your first step into the smartphone world. The Smart 4 mini is joined by the Sony Xperia E1 – exclusively in purple – from only £80, and the HTC Desire 310 in orange – another Vodafone exclusive – for £100 when bought with a £10 Freedom Freebee.

We’ve made sure that there’s a Pay as you go smartphone to suit everyone, and to ensure that low cost doesn’t have to mean low power. Click one of the links below to see more info on each phone, and to get your order underway.


smart 4 mini thumbVodafone Smart 4 mini
Our lowest-priced dual-core handset runs on Android Jelly Bean, giving you access to hundreds of thousands of apps, games, movies, music and more from the Google Play Store, all of which really shine on its big 4-inch display.
Click here to buy yours!


xperia e1 purple thumbSony Xperia E1
The Xperia E1 also has a dual-core processor and a 4-inch display, all wrapped up in yet another impressively-designed Sony chassis. It’s also got a MicroSD card slot, letting you add an extra 32GB of storage.
Click here to buy yours!


HTC-Desire-310 (1)HTC Desire 310
The HTC Desire 310 boasts a stunning 4.5-inch display and a powerful quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM. It also has a MicroSD card slot for expandable storage, and will be available soon.
– Coming 15 April!


New to the world of smartphones? We’re here to help! Check out vodafone.co.uk/findyourfeet for handy advice, and stay tuned to Vodafone Social for info on our brand new smartphone guide.