The HTC One (M8) is official, and it's available to buy from Vodafone right now. But what do those in the know think of HTC's new flagship phone?


HTC has unveiled the stunning new HTC One (M8), and it’s available to buy from Vodafone UK right this second. You can read up on all the specs and details here, but what do those in the know think about the all-metal, super-stylish new flagship?


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We’ve been talking to some of the tech media’s biggest names to get their opinions, and to find out how they think the HTC One (M8) will fare against 2014’s already strong competition. Read on to see what the experts think, and be sure to take a look at our exclusive hands-on pics peppered throughout…

HTC One (M8): What the tech press thinks


Chris Hall | Pocket-Lint

“The HTC One (M8) takes one of the most well-received phones of 2013 and adds refinement. The headlines might be stolen by some clever camera features, but the real strength of the new HTC One lies in its considered design and power. Not only does it feel great to hold, but it skips through any task you throw at it…We think the HTC One (M8) will be the phone to be seen with this year.”

Andrew Williams | Trusted Reviews

“The most exciting thing about the HTC One (M8) is probably the Duo Camera. It’s the first time anyone has ever tried using two cameras in this unique way – whether HTC has pulled off its ambitious claims with this is another matter, but we’re very keen to find out.”


Ben Sillis | The Gadget Show

“The press pictures don’t do the new HTC One (M8) justice. This is not the same phone again: this is a streamlined version, like last year’s model melded with an iPod touch, on a diet. It’s easily the best looking Android phone I’ve seen in years, and HTC’s put a lot of thought into the design, working the navigation buttons into the touchscreen itself, and adding an option to turn the phone on and off with a simple double-tap.

“The software HTC is using to differentiate seems less impressive at a glance, and the company will likely struggle to make itself heard over the clamour of Samsung’s marketing, but make no mistake, this should be the real phone to beat this year.”

Chris Martin | PC Advisor

“Like other 2014 flagships, there’s no major leap when it comes to the HTC One M8. However, HTC has successfully taken an already great phone and improved it in a number of areas. The premium design is particularly outstanding, Sense 6.0 is slick and the Duo Camera is interesting if a little hit and miss.”

Libby Plummer |

“We were big fans of the first HTC One, and the new One improves on the look and specs. We really like the Duo Camera – the refocusing feature works really well and it feels very sturdy.”


Gareth Beavis | TechRadar

“I think the HTC One (M8) is really good – it’s easily one of the top phones of 2014 already. It’s a really difficult thing to try and improve on a decent device, which last year’s HTC One was. What do you do in that situation? Usually you either make an iterative ‘S’ version, or make a whole new barnstorming device and risk losing all the faith you’d built up by having a really nice premium body, etc.

“I think HTC’s done really well to stand astride those two categories and saying ‘this still has the heritage of last year’s device’, but updated it with new features that seem genuinely innovative. I especially like the Duo Camera, which seems like it’s going to be a really cool feature. There’s going to be a lot of really strong competition this year, but HTC’s set a very good bar.”

What do you think of the HTC One (M8)? Let us know if you think it’s a worthy successor in the comments section below. If you’re already smitten, you can order yours here.