Excited by the developments in wearable tech? We've got a rather special offer that could be right up your street. Especially if you're a Samsung fan...


Like much of the tech world, we’re excited about the quickly growing focus on wearable tech. While the likes of Google Glass may be a while away from general release, smartwatches are right here, right now. And right now at Vodafone, we’ve got a very special wearable offer.

If you pick up a Samsung GALAXY S4 or Samsung GALAXY Note 3 on any of our Red 4G plans before 1 April, you’ll get a Samsung GALAXY Gear smartwatch bundled in. It’s a brilliant deal, but what exactly can a smartwatch do for you? Read on for a catch up on the world of wearable tech:

Samsung: Wrist-watch this space

Smartwatches and wearables are the big tech trends for 2014. We recently caught up with James White at Samsung to find out why…

“Wearable tech has the potential to change how we interact with the world around us,” he told us. “The number of people you see running or jogging with a phone strapped to their arm is massive, and what we’re doing now with wearables is freeing people up. The best example of that is that you could leave your phone in your locker when you go to the gym, do your workout with the wearable tracking your activity, and then it’ll sync to your phone later.”

“Wearable tech has the potential to change how we interact with the world around us.”

But James thinks there’s more to wearables than just fitness tracking: “The fitness angle is really important, but there’s far more scope than that. We’re going to start to see wearables doing more in their own right, as well as enhancing the smartphone experience. The whole concept of wearable tech works best when you don’t have to do anything to get the benefit from wearing them.”

With the pioneering and powerful GALAXY Gear range, Samsung’s definitely leading the pack when it comes to wearable tech. And it looks like the pace is only set to continue: when we caught up with Samsung’s Kyle Brown at the end of 2013, he told us that wearables will be a huge focus for this year and beyond. You can read that below:


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The far-flung future

So that’s the here and now, but what does the future have in store? Earlier in the year we spoke to Vodafone’s resident futurologist Patrick Harrison-Harvey, to find out what secret stuff he’s seen, and what he thinks will soon be landing on our wrists. You can check that out by clicking the link below:


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Patrick’s predictions may be well informed, but when you want the best answer you need to go straight to the source. This week Google unveiled its concept for the ongoing development of smartwatches. It’s called Android Wear, and is a brand new platform built specifically for devices that pair with Android phones. You can watch Google’s preview of what this’ll look like here:



There’s definitely some impressive developments on the horizon, then, but you don’t need to wait: there are plenty of amazing wearable tech capabilities you can benefit from right now. The GALAXY Gear is a seriously powerful bit of kit, capable of taking pictures, displaying your phone’s notifications, helping you track your day-to-day activities, and much more besides. And with all that being the case, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

All caught up? Order your Samsung GALAXY S4 or GALAXY Note 3, with a GALAXY Gear smartwatch included. Hurry though – this offer ends on 1 April!