JeffKinn is one of the Vodafone eForum's longest-standing Community Experts, so he knows a thing or two about phones. So what does he make of the Moto G?


It’s not every day that you get to try out the latest and greatest handsets and tablets, but our Community Experts get a chance to do this from time to time. Android expert JeffKinn has recently picked up the Moto G through our loan programme – a perk of being a top eForum Community Expert – and we’ve caught up with him to find out his initial thoughts.


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The Moto G is one of the stars of our new ‘smartphones within reach’ Pay as you go range, so we were keen to quiz Jeff about what he thinks of the £100 Quad-core powerhouse. His current phone is the Samsung GALAXY S4, but what does he make of Motorola’s latest effort?

‘Incredible value for money’

jeff kinn“I’ve been lucky enough recently to have a new Motorola Moto G to test,” says Jeff. “A lot of professional reviewers have called the Moto G a budget handset, but I think that’s selling the phone short. At £100 for the 8GB version on Vodafone Pay as you go, it certainly is incredible value for money, but that’s definitely where the budget label should stop in my opinion.”

Jeff explains that, while similar devices at this price point position themselves solely for people buying their first smartphone, the Moto G is different:

“It runs the very latest version of Android (Kit Kat), and it offers a very good vanilla Android experience.”

“It’s a great phone, and perfect both for the person coming to a smartphone for the first time and an experienced user. It runs the very latest version of Android (Kit Kat), and it offers a very good vanilla Android experience.”

That ‘vanilla’, unaltered incarnation of the Android operating system is a highly sought-after feature by ardent tech fans.

Why? Because they feel it allows the Google-made platform to shine. If you’re keen to know more about that raging debate, you can read our interview with Motorola’s Andrey Morley here.

“The Moto G is small compared to some of the larger premium handsets,” Jeff continues, “and it’s light, but it doesn’t feel like a cheap phone at all – it’s solid and feels really well built in the hand. The screen is very good too, with bright colours, while the camera is certainly good enough for day to day snaps. And the phone is fast, which makes it a pleasure to use.”



“Above all,” he says in closing, “the Moto G demonstrates that it isn’t necessary to pay several hundreds of pounds to get a very good Android smartphone. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this phone, and it deserves to do well.”

We’ll be coming back to Jeff when he’s had more time to play with the Moto G, so keep your eyes peeled for the follow up piece. In the meantime, if this has whetted your appetite for more info, check out the Moto G and our line-up of Pay as you go smartphones here.

Have you got the Moto G? Or are you planning on picking one up? Let us know below. You can read all about it here, and you can order yours here.