HTC is gearing up to show us its next flagship phone with a series of cheeky teaser videos. Can you glimpse the sequel to the HTC One in any of them?

htc teaser

HTC is gearing up to launch the sequel to its award-winning HTC One. As with any major modern tech launch, it’s not enough to just host an event – you’ve got to build up the suspense, which is exactly what HTC’s been doing with a growing series of new online videos.


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Posted with the hashtag #HTCOneUp, HTC’s teaser videos each showcase a feature that made the HTC One such a cracking phone, and at the same time offer a hint at what we can expect to see from the One’s successor when it’s unveiled on 25 March. While we wait, we’ve decided to give these teasers somewhere to live on Vodafone Social, so you can gear up for launch day with us.

Check out the videos for yourself below, and remember to check back over the next little bit to see the next in HTC’s teaser video showreel…






Are you excited? Let us know what you want to see below. We don’t know exactly what to expect, but Vodafone UK will definitely be stocking HTC’s new flagship smartphone, so keep an eye on Vodafone Social for more information very soon.