If you love streaming music, TV and sports, and are a big fan of spending hours online with your phone, you'll love our brand new Vodafone Red 4G plan...


Last month we brought you news that over 500,000 people have signed up to our Red 4G plans and that they are going BIG on data usage. It’s a huge milestone, and the stats are showing us that the extra data on offer with Vodafone 4G is going down a storm. That’s why we’re lifting the lid on a seriously big new 4G plan: say hello to Vodafone Red XXL 4G.


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What’s the deal? Well, if you want to watch more of the latest sporting action, listen to more of your favourite music on demand, or do more of anything else on the mobile internet with the comfort of a huge data bundle to tap into, you’re going to love it. Read on for all the details…

Big on data, big on fun

As well as bringing access to our ultrafast 4G network in a growing list of over 200 towns, districts and cities up and down the UK, our Red 4G plans offer double the data of their 3G equivalents. That makes them perfect for getting stuck into your chosen 4G entertainment package, which adds either Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium membership to your plan. But what if your appetite for streaming is insatiable?

Enter the Red XXL 4G. This brand new plan offers a supersized 13GB of data allowance for you to work your way through each month.

“This brand new plan offers a supersized 13GB of monthly data allowance.”

So how far can 13GB get you? Streaming a full football match on Sky Sports Mobile TV uses about 450MB of mobile data, which means #4GSport fans could comfortably watch 26 full length games per month! More into #4GMusic? Streaming Spotify is roughly 1MB per minute, which means you could listen to over 200 hours of music each month. At roughly 4 minutes per song, that’s 3000 songs!

It’s all part of our effort to help you get access to the content you need. In December last year, a staggering 300 Terabytes of data went through our 4G network, and we only expect that figure to climb. And if you know you’re already a big data user, Vodafone Red XXL 4G is the plan for you.

Does 13GB per month seem like a dream come true? What do you use your data for? Let us know in the comments section below. You can sign up to Vodafone Red XXL 4G here, or to see our other 4G plans here.